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February 2009

30 student occupations in UK are having an effect

Philip Weiss on

This is from the University of Plymouth student blog in England. They say there are 30+ “occupied universities” in the UK. AFter 4 days of occupation, Plymouth students say the university has agreed on Palestinian scholarship, aid to Gaza, and…

Slumdog’s Muslim protagonist

Philip Weiss on

Just saw “Slumdog Millionaire.” Loved it. Very Dickensian. One comment: It interests me that the movie’s hero, Jamal Malik, is a Muslim. And so the world and the Motion Picture academy are celebrating a Muslim Oliver Twist. That’s helpful. And…

‘Tikkun’ pronounces Gaza operation ‘successful’

Philip Weiss on

Here’s a link to an American Jewish Committee site where Doug Lieb’s article attacking Jerry Slater’s piece in Tikkun has been posted. Lieb’s article is also published in the latest issue of Tikkun, which thereby takes on the old Commentary…

Scoundrel time

Philip Weiss on

The battle is joined. The other side is gearing up. Here is a fabulous post by MJ Rosenberg saying that the Weekly Standard and other usual suspects want to hold McCarthy-like hearings about Chas Freeman. Meantime, something I somewhat-apprehended last…

Why I believe the theory of the Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

Here’s why I believe in the Israel lobby theory of American Middle East policy. Here is Anne Bayefsky in Forbes the other day urging the Obama administration not to “sacrifice” Israel to the U.N.’s Durban conference. (Advice taken.) Bayefsky is…

Berman says Congress won’t deal with Hamas-Fatah. But will Obama?

Philip Weiss on

Howard Berman, chairman of House Foreign Affairs, has issued the following defiant statement about the fresh news of negotiations between Hamas and Fatah to form a unity government: “The U.S. Congress will find it impossible to work constructively with any…

Israeli Apartheid Week hits YouTube

Adam Horowitz on

And the Hasbara rejoinder: Also watch Elliot Mathias, the director of the Hasbara Fellowships, prepare students to combat Israel Apartheid week here.

Legislative warfare: one phone call turns a civilian into a ‘human shield’

Philip Weiss on

Anees writes from Jerusalem: Eyal Weizman is an Israeli architect and scholar of the spatial aspects of Israel’s Occupation and military operations. His many excellent essays/books/interviews are worth checking out. In this recent article on ‘lawfare’ (law+warfare) in Gaza, he…

Abunimah does the numbers: Palestinian majority next year

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday I posted John Mearsheimer’s belief that Palestinians outnumber Jews in historical Palestine right now. Well, here is Ali Abunimah’s estimate from last year, that Jews are 5.15 million and Palestinians 5 million, and both are under 50 percent of…

Israel lobby is fracturing somewhat on Avigdor Lieberman

Philip Weiss on

Avigdor Lieberman may have come in a surprising third in the elections in Israel, but he knows where the ultimate power base is. So today he has an op-ed in the New York Jewish Week trying to overcome the criticism…


Philip Weiss on

Today’s letter from the office of the Director of National Intelligence selecting Chas Freeman, a man of the world, as director of the National Intelligence Council… Steve Clemons says the thrashing of the anti-Freemanites reveals the weakness of the lobby:…

‘Daily News’ publisher to Gaza: Drop dead

Philip Weiss on

This sort of story makes me sick. Here’s Marcia Kramer of WCBS television in New York carrying the water for the Israel lobby by turning on Hillary Clinton for her statements pressing for Israel to speed up aid to Gaza….