American idol: Avigdor Lieberman auditions for foreign minister with his US namesake

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Satellite Yes, a picture says a thousand words. But here are a few more from the Jerusalem Post article "Lieberman auditioning for Foreign Affairs portfolio":

"The senator requested the meeting, because he
wanted to better understand the Israel Beiteinu leader's views. He
advised his namesake to go to the US to explain his views."

we're not related by blood, we are privileged to hold positions in two
great nations," the senator said after the meeting. "I wanted to meet
Lieberman, because he will play an important role in the next government, so it's important that we in the US get to know him well."

As we've already noted, the full court press is on to sell the incoming Israeli government to the US public. The New York Times is smoothing over Benjamin Netanyahu's plans for apartheid in the occupied territories and Joe Lieberman is trying to share some of his "Joementum" with his fascist Israeli namesake to help him in his bid to become the new Israeli foreign minister. 

Israel Beiteinu MK Danny Ayalon, and former Israeli ambassador to Washington, would seem to invite an Avigdor Lieberman trip to the US to sell his loyalty oath plan. According to Ayalon: "I told [Joe Lieberman] that we are the most Americanophile party," Ayalon said. "We support drafting a constitution, an American system of government, and instituting a pledge of allegiance like America has."

Here's a bit of free advice to Ayalon: as someone who mumbled their way through the US pledge of allegiance for 12 years of public school, I can promise you there is no one in the US who will confuse your plan to kick Palestinian citizens out of the state of Israel with the pledge that is recited here. I would assume Joe Lieberman is giving you better advice than this for your upcoming attempt to try to fool the American people into supporting your racist agenda. I could be wrong.

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