Benjamin Netanyahu sworn in to lead Israel’s 32nd government

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We have already spilled enough pixels on this site talking about the incoming Israeli government. Netanyahu will be the Prime Minster, Avigdor Lieberman will be Foreign Minister, and Ehud Barak has weaseled his way into remaining Defense Minister. This is a war cabinet if one ever existed. You can scroll back through the site to read the horrible repercussions this government may lead to.

There are two slight bright spots: First, the government's composition is threatening to isolate Israel as it shows the true face of its expansionist and racist policies to the world, and second, the Israeli public is already starting to reject their new leaders (32 governments in just over 60 years, it's clear there's not much patience). A Ha'aretz poll shows that less than a third of Israelis "are satisfied" with the government and only 25% support Lieberman representing their country abroad.

To mark the occasion, here is a flyer created by Palestinian-American businessman Sam Bahour.  Writing from Ramallah, Bahour recommends that people:

Hang this poster/flyer on your library bulletin board, supermarket bulletin board, city hall bulletin board, university bulletin board, place on car windshields at events, take out newspaper ads, hold press conferences, add to your websites, send to your newspapers editorial staff, etc, etc.

Do what you can to expose yet another Israeli government that tries to cover its war crimes with words.

ECONOMIC PEACE IS EASY-FINALDownload the flyer as a pdf.

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