Jane Harman urges ethnic division in Iran

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I missed this, and I was sitting right there, at AIPAC, two weeks back. But the National Iranian American Council didn't. Congresswoman Jane Harman was talking sanctions and military action against Iran, when she said:

"The Persian population in Iran is not a majority, it is a plurality. There are many different, diverse, and disagreeing populations inside Iran and an obvious strategy, which I believe is a good strategy, is to separate those populations."

My comment: They're trying that in the West Bank, and how's it working? NIAC comments:

Through conquest and turmoil, the Iranian nation has survived and thrived for thousands of years, with peoples of all backgrounds and ethnicities forming a common identity. Now that President Obama has emphasized diplomacy and reduced the chances of war between the United States and Iran, Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA) has a new idea: rip apart the Iranian nation by dividing its peoples along ethnic lines.

We only need to look to Iraq or Darfur to see what ethnic warfare looks like. Rep. Harman's comments cannot go unchallenged.

NIAC is demanding a retraction. (Thanks to Ali Gharib, on whom nothing is lost.)

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