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October 2009

Rabbi Yoffie returns all J Street’s favors by… praising AIPAC!

Philip Weiss on

Real world lessons. Reform Rabbi Eric Yoffie trashed J Street last January for having the temerity to criticize the Gaza slaughter. What did J Street do? It shut up about Gaza and gave Yoffie a podium for a major speech at its first policy conference this week. And what does Yoffie do? He goes on […]

Walt and Mearsheimer explained this 3 years ago

Philip Weiss on

Promised Land asks How could Israel keep millions of Palestinians without rights for 42 years? And points to this piece in Haaretz by Yoel Marcus. Marcus: It was the [Israeli] left’s leaders who started the settlements. A settlement policy was never on the right-wing Revisionists’ list of things to do. Slowly, war after war, and in […]

Patsy Obama

Philip Weiss on

I hear they’re crowing about this in Israel. From AP: A top aide to Abbas, Saeb Erekat, said in a phone interview with The Associated Press that Clinton had asked Abbas to allow Israel’s government to complete building 3,000 units in Jewish settlements in the West Bank, and to allow the government to construct public buildings and […]

Nozette alleged to have given secrets before

Mark Wauck on

Justin Elliott at TPM has an interesting piece on the latest developments in the Stewart Nozette spying case, that the prosecutor said in court that Nozette had admitted to an FBI agent that he had passed classified info to Israel in the past. Mark Wauck interpolates:  1. Elliott expresses surprise: "the prosecutor made a fairly extraordinary claim in […]

J Street throws Gaza under the bus

Philip Weiss on

J Street’s leaders repeatedly said they are part of a "movement." The funny thing is that movement within leftwing Jewish life was galvanized by the Gaza slaughter. But J Street says not a word about Gaza. In fact, in reaching for the Jewish center, it threw the Goldstone report, and the human rights of a persecuted […]

Wrong on Chait

Philip Weiss on

I just reread Jonathan Chait and realized my earlier post today was wrong and petty. Chait is taking a risk by going to J Street. His own editor, Peretz, calls J Street "a circle jerk," and Marty Peretz’s hitman, James Kirchick, does Peretz’s work for him by putting "a fork in J Street" today. They […]

We make The New Republic again

Philip Weiss on

Here’s Jonathan Chait celebrating J Street in the New Republic and saying I creep him out. Otherwise fairly reasonable post. Good that J Street brought us together. (He gets two things wrong about me. I spell my name with one l. And I didn’t say that it’s inevitable that J Street would support a full […]

J Street: Do we really need another Jewish-only road?

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb on

If you’re Palestinian, you know about checkpoints. There are over 600 checkpoints in the West Bank alone. They block, obstruct, frustrate and kill. Women die in childbirth at checkpoints, students are kept from attending school, parents from visiting their children, laborers from going to work. No one can swim in the sea. Israeli Jews are […]

Memo to Michael Oren: There’s a water crisis in the West Bank

Anees of Jerusalem on

You report that Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren says that Palestinians are doing fine with water. This is a complete misrepresentation. I just dug up this short video done as part of TVE’s Earth Report show, circa 2004. It shows Jeff Halper (of ICAHD) trying to prevent the IDF from destroying a farmer’s water reservoir. Obviously […]

Oren: ‘Settlement issue between US and Israel is largely behind us’

Philip Weiss on

Michael Oren was interviewed by Jerome McDonnell of Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ. Some surprising excerpts: Oren says Palestinians are doing fine on water, that J Street is outside the mainstream (Hamas, Iran) but he’s fine with Jewish organizations disagreeing within the mainstream, and the settlement issue is resolved largely. Oh and he mocks Naomi Klein. […]

did Harvard invite Orval Faubus and Bull Connor to speak in ’60s?

Philip Weiss on

Harvard Crimson. Some guy with racist attitudes who served in Knesset… According to the flyer, Eitam had previously said that Palestinians are a “cancer in the body of the nation” and advocated that Israel “expel most of the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) Arabs from here…Palestinians should be used as human shields by the IDF.” […]

Now you know (Israel lobby and ABM decision)

Philip Weiss on

At J Street two days ago, two former Congressmen who were important Obama supporters in the Jewish community last year– Bob Wexler and Mel Levine– said that Obama’s decision earlier this year to reverse George Bush on the anti-ballistic-missile system planned for Poland and the Czech Republic had an Israel component. Florida biggie Wexler told J Street that […]

Israel lobby at play in the fields of the media

Philip Weiss on

I’m easily shocked. It’s my trademark. Well I’m shocked that the Daily Beast runs this tripe: propaganda on Israel’s incredible economic achievements, written by AIPAC goalie Dan Senor and an Israeli neocon named Saul Singer, I believe Max Singer’s son. “There is something about the DNA of Israeli innovation that is unexplainable"…. While it’s difficult […]

Palestinian equal rights joins the progressive agenda on ‘The Daily Show’

Adam Horowitz on

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Exclusive – Anna Baltzer & Mustafa Barghouti Extended Interview Pt. 1 Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Exclusive – Anna Baltzer & Mustafa Barghouti Extended Interview Pt. […]

Who booed Yoffie?

Jack Ross on

Much has been made of the fact that Rabbi Yoffie was booed at J Street when he dissed the Goldstone report. One of the booers was Medea Benjamin of Code Pink. And Jack Ross adds further info. As the perpetual moderate and optimist, I thought you were too easy on J Street! All told, the […]

Jeffrey Goldberg’s standard for ‘Who is a Jew?’ would knock down Holocaust numbers

Philip Weiss on

MJ Rosenberg responds to an earlier post about Jeffrey Goldberg’s suggestion that anti-Zionists aren’t Jews: So anti-Zionists aren’t Jews.  That is saying that the Bundists who fought — alongside the Zionists — in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising aren’t Jews. But it goes further.   Jews invoke the Six Million.  In that context, they are all […]

Covering the olive harvest

Philip Weiss on

Why isn’t this stuff in the NY Times? Cause it’s on the blogosphere: Excellent report by Pamela Olson on delegation of kibbutzniks and Rabbis for Human Rights going to the West Bank to protect an olive harvest. Olson neatly compares the competing claims to the land: the religious nationalist ideology of the settlers, and the living […]

Thirsting for justice

Adam Horowitz on

Last night on The Daily Show, Anna Baltzer charged Israel with denying Palestinians access to water. This is what she was talking about, from Amnesty International: You can read the full report Thirsting for Justice: Palestinian Access to Water Restricted on the Amnesty website.

J Street and the battle for the Jewish soul, or wallet, or status

Philip Weiss on

Want to know what it felt like at J Street? Here’s one of the best moments I witnessed at the conference. (For the whole panel it’s from, watch it here.) My video begins with a beautiful question from a J Street conferee who says in some distress what so many people in J Street’s rank […]

McConnell: J Street may move the templates of American politics

Scott McConnell on

Scott McConnell writes: It is no small achievement to get 150 Congressmen and Senators to sign on as sponsors of J Street, all the more  because of the sustained Likudnik campaign to scare them off (and no group may scare more easily than members of Congress.).  Time will tell whether the new “pro-peace, pro-Israel” groupcan […]

Blumenthal responds to Goldfarb n Goldberg

Philip Weiss on

Max Blumenthal entertained everyone in D.C. the other day with his attack on John Hagee, the Christian Zionist who has praised Hitler. You may know that Elie Wiesel was at that very time breaking bread with Hagee in Texas, and Blumenthal mocked Wiesel for his faith in Hagee, saying he hadn’t trusted anyone this much […]