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Life in the Jewish state

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From the Haaretz article "Jewish town won’t let Arab build home on his own land":

Aadel Suad first came to the planning and construction committee of the Misgav Local Council in 1997. Suad, an educator, was seeking a construction permit to build a home on a plot of land he owns in the community of Mitzpeh Kamon. The reply he got, from a senior official on the committee, was a memorable one.

"Don’t waste your time," he reportedly told Suad. "We’ll keep you waiting for 30 years."

For Suad it’s now been 12 years of fighting the committee’s red tape to build a home on his own land. The reason, as far as he and his family are concerned, is singular: The local council doesn’t want Arabs, with or without the legal amendments legalizing such objection that passed preliminary reading in the Knesset this week.

"We didn’t invade the plot and we didn’t take over the land," Suad says. "My grandfather has been here since the Turks. We have a land registry document proving ownership of three acres."

In case the geography here isn’t clear, the Misgav Local Council is in the Galilee region of northern Israel, not in the occupied territories. The wikipedia page on the council notes, "The primarily Jewish communities in the region are noted for the way in which they live side by side with the neighboring non-Jewish Bedouin and Druze villages and towns."

Also interesting, the Council’s wikipedia page says it’s part of WikiProject Israel, "a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Israel on Wikipedia." I wonder when they’ll update the page with Aadel Suad’s story?

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