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January 2010

Neocon junket: ‘live penetration raids in Arab territory’

Philip Weiss on

Below is an ad that was in Haaretz lately for the Ultimate Mission to Israel. The trip is a red-meat propaganda trip of a retro-masculine character–"live exhibition of penetration raids in Arab territory"– pitched to American professionals, accountants, doctors, lawyers. The fascination is not just the disgusting events–"observe a trial of Hamas terrorists in an […]

Israel not always a force for good in Haiti

Philip Weiss on

This ran originally in Ha’aretz/Hebrew, penned by Nirit Ben-Ari. This translation ran Feb. 1 in WW4 Report: "Haiti and the Jews: Forgotten History." The money: But it seems the Israeli involvement in the nation was not always so positive. On Dec. 27, 1982, the US newspaper Christian Science Monitor reported that since 1968 Israel had […]

Dershowitz’s latest celebrity client

Bruce Wolman on

It appears the man who defended O.J. Simpson will go to any length for his current celebrity client, the State of Israel. From Haaretz: "Dershowitz calls Goldstone a traitor to the Jewish people." In his book, The Best Defense, Dershowitz gave a view of the approach he would later take in the Simpson case.  "Once I […]

Goldstone explains why Israel is being singled out (after South Africa and Serbia)

Philip Weiss on

The other night I came home from Judge Goldstone’s speech at Yale and, sensing that it was important, posted a quick report. In days since I’ve relistened to the speech and seen its depths. Though it was not about Gaza per se, nearly everything the judge said was a logical and quietly-impassioned response to the […]

Israeli NGO: IDF combat doctrine in Gaza ’caused intentional and large-scale damage to civilian infrastructure’

Adam Horowitz on

One of the most important questions raised by the Goldstone Report is whether there was an intentional Israeli objective to destroy Gaza’s civilian infrastructure. As B’Tselem’s Executive Director Jessica Montell explained here in Mondoweiss: We all know the extent of the destruction in Gaza: homes, mosques, schools, as well as infrastructure like chicken coops, flour […]

‘Exodus’ was published in 1958

Philip Weiss on

Forces in Israeli society are trying to save that society. I am sure they are trying to preserve the Jewish state, but the least we could do is give them some airtime in the U.S., so that Americans and yes American Jews open one eye. This is from Ynet; I have no idea why "the […]

I’m sorry, you can say anything you please but Walt & Mearsheimer nailed it, this is about the Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

Robert Fisk, in the Independent: When Obama’s elderly envoy George Mitchell headed home in humiliation this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrated his departure by planting trees in two of the three largest Israeli colonies around Jerusalem. With these trees at Gush Etzion and Ma’aleh Adumim, he said, he was sending "a clear message […]

A window into the rightwing American mind re Israel/Palestine

Felson on

This is kind of amazing. You’ve seen the story about James O’Keefe, the 24-year-old young Republican prankster who got pinched trying to tamper with Mary Landrieu’s phone system, right? So here’s the first issue of the alternative conservative paper he started when he was at Rutgers back in ’04.   It includes a parody of […]

Breaking the Silence publishes shocking testimonies from women who served Occupation

Philip Weiss on

There’s a new and shocking booklet of testimonies out from Breaking the Silence, this one from anonymous female soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories and routinely abused the "Arabs" or "illegal aliens." Because they could, or needed to. Ynet has published many of the testimonies, and they’re horrifying/nightmarish, all about the kind of warped […]

trying to get Washington’s head around… ‘basic human rights’

Philip Weiss on

MJ Rosenberg gets read inside the Beltway, and inside the lobby, too, and in this column on the end of negotiations for the 2-state-solution, he seems to be preparing power types for the one-state solution. An important signal to the forces of rejection in Washington. Note the radical principles that Rosenberg invokes: "basic human rights." […]

‘We have not brought anyone to trial’

Ahmed Moor on

With so much attention rightly paid to the Goldstone report, we ought to dwell on the justice question. The perpetrators of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine evaded justice; the Ben-Gurions, Rabins, Shamirs, Meirs, Begins, and Trumans died – leaving behind progeny who cannot be made to answer for their crimes. Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres […]

the bodacity of hope

Philip Weiss on

Everyone is talking about Obama’s meltdown in Tampa yesterday

Student confronts Obama at Tampa town hall over human rights hypocrisy

Adam Horowitz on

The above video is from a town hall meeting President Obama held today in Tampa. I’m sure the president was expecting questions about creating jobs or the health care bill, but instead he got: Last night you spoke in your State of the Union address you spoke of America’s support for human rights. Then, why […]

Neocon likens Israel to ‘police states’

Philip Weiss on

A lot to be savored in neocon Jamie Kirchick piece’s in Haaretz on Jared Malsin, the reporter for Ma’an who was deported by Israel last week. There is Kirchick’s frank acknowledgement that young leftwing American Jews are ardently turning against Israel. Malsin represents a movement, and the Z’s can’t use the self-hating label on us. […]

‘Times’ serves up Israeli lies about nonviolent movement

James North on

The  New York Times article on nonviolence in the West Bank is strongly biased. As early as paragraph 7, the Israeli military gets its say: “These are not sit-ins with people singing ‘We Shall Overcome’… These are violent, illegal, dangerous riots.” But we have to read on, all to way to paragraph 20, before we […]

Israeli campaign against Palestinian protest makes the ‘Times’ as Bil’in leader is arrested again

Adam Horowitz on

Israeli Soldiers prevent an international solidarity worker from entering Khatib’s home tonight. (Photo: Hamde Abu Rahmah) On the day that Bil’in protest leader Mohammad Khatib was arrested for the second time in six months, the New York Times has finally caught up to the story of Israel’s ongoing campaign against Palestinian dissent. Isabel Kershner’s article, […]

On the Lack of Interest in the Goldstone Report

David Bromwich on

Many American Jews who are liberals, supporters of Israel, and generally well informed about events of the day suppress their knowledge of Israel-Palestine to a second-rate level of almost innocence. An inadequacy which (out of pride) they wouldn’t allow themselves in approaching any other subject. They do it because they are afraid if they knew […]

At Yale, Judge Goldstone faces down his accusers

Philip Weiss on

200-foot wide Star of David Israeli soldiers carved a into Palestinian farmland in Gaza with their tanks. (Photo: UNOSAT) Judge Richard Goldstone gave a speech at Yale last night and though he said he would not be talking about Gaza, his report came up again and again, and in fact the anti-Goldstoners tried to turn […]

Media watchdog asks: Is Ethan Bronner’s son in the IDF?

Adam Horowitz on

The venerable media watchdog Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting is asking the question many of us are wondering – Does NYT’s Top Israel Reporter Have a Son in the IDF?: What the Times needs to ask itself is whether it expects that its bureau chief has the normal human feelings about matters of life or […]

Testimony to Goldstone: ‘What happened at the mill is total destruction’

Adam Horowitz on

The Al-Bader Flour Mill. The destroyed area in the middle contained the mill’s production facility. (Photo: gloucester2gaza) Ethan Bronner’s article on the Israeli response to the Goldstone Report said that Israel hopes to discredit Goldstone’s account of the conflict, and especially the contention that Israel purposely attacked Gaza’s civilian infrastructure. Bronner referenced the destruction of […]

Friedman Beat Goldstone to Gaza/Lebanon Comparison

Ali Gharib on

I’m glad to see that Mondoweiss is posting relevant pieces of the Goldstone Report chunk-by-chunk — bite-sized morsels from the hundreds of pages of documents in the full report. But we didn’t need Goldstone to confirm that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) strategy in Lebanon was a model for Gaza. That claim was made way […]

Canadian students launch campaign to divest from the occupation

Adam Horowitz on

Students at Carleton University in Ottawa have launched a campaign asking the university to divest from five corporations benefiting from the Israeli occupation, and to establish a socially responsible investment policy. Above is a powerful video they produced to promote the campaign, and here is a statement they issued:

The adviser who never was

Philip Weiss on

I’ve been reading Rashid Khalidi’s book The Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood, published in 2006, and I find it crushing. Why? 

I laughed and then it felt weird

Philip Weiss on

Below is a skit from "A Wonderful Country," the Israeli TV comedy show that’s been applauded in the US, mocking Israel’s effort to resuscitate its image post-Gaza by helping Haiti. It’s funny and dark (and shows that our posts on this issue have been legit). The best line is when a comic playing Israeli military […]

Lift the blockade of Washington

Philip Weiss on

I know I’m optimistic, and out of touch with reality, and clutch at straws… but these two items suggest that the Birnam Woods are marching on Dunsinane, to echo the famous prophecy the witches gave to Macbeth. First, a letter signed by 54 congressmen urging Obama to press Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza. […]