Ask Haaretz: What drives ‘secret’ US policymaking?

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From Haaretz, on the Israel lobby, its sociological roots. Why doesn’t this stuff ever get exhumed here? Note the reference to money. The Washington Post has said 60 percent of Democratic giving. I guess that’s not a story; and Jews and money is an antisemitic, pogrom-producing canard.

Until the midterm elections in November, U.S. President Barack Obama cannot permit himself a rift with Israel. Eighty percent of Jews vote for Democrats. The Jews of New York, California and Florida alone contribute 40 percent of campaign expenses. A clandestine battle is now being waged between Bibi and Obama as to when American Jews will tell Obama, who is putting on the pressure: "We’ve had it." But for all the covert contempt of our leftists, the Pentagon has no interest in weakening Israel.

The absurdity is that Israel’s most inflated cabinet ever is dominated by two people. And the two of them are now secretly concocting a formula with the U.S. administration that will enable a renewal of negotiations with the Palestinian leadership.

Guess what, Jews are good at capitalism. Jerry Muller says this in his great new book. We are actually valued for this in the U.S. And this is from J Weekly in the Bay Area, about some high-tech awards being made this week.

At least four of the six CEO of the Year nom[inee]s are Jewish – an interesting achievement.

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