Dual loyalty issue

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Why didn’t Biden just get on a plane and leave? Yes why not, when he was dissed by Netanyahu? Here is Dan Lieberman, on the strange political power of AIPAC. Note that Grant Smith is finally getting company on the obvious issue: an agent for a foreign gov’t, operating in D.C.:

Imagine you are a representative of the highest government agencies. You encounter a group that places a foreign power above your own government’s interests and redirects and undermines your policies. Would you go to their convention, popularize them, obsequiously placate them and demonstrate you mean no harm to their sinister behavior?

Sounds incomprehensible?

United States State department officials and congressional leaders have been doing the incomprehensible for years. U.S. State Department officials, senators and house representatives have regularly attended the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) conventions.

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