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Maybe we should rename apartheid ‘hafrada’?

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Hannah Schwarzschild was one of the organizers of Saturday’s teach-in in Philadelphia that one participant bowed out of because its title was "Israeli Apartheid." And she has suggested that people pushing for Palestinian freedom adopt the term "hafrada" over apartheid. Hafrada is the Hebrew word for separation. The wall is called the geder ha’hafrada, Schwarzschild points out. "They’re separating people and they’re not ashamed of it."

David Bromwich, a professor at Yale, defends Ian Lustick’s decision not to attend the teach-in:

The decision by the realist scholar Lustick to opt out of a discussion advertised with the still-to-most-people prejudicial word at the top, is very intelligible to me. I agree the public debate on these matters is at last opening up; but the BDS people seem tempted to overplay their hand. It was a mistake for the Berkeley students to blare WAR CRIMES at the top of the document. I don’t know if they could have got more votes had they called it simply a measure for divestment from the military support of an illegal occupation–but that seems a possibility. This is always a problem on the left: the assumption that lots of people tending to your position will come a lot further immediately if you frame the position in the strongest possible terms.

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