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‘This is a racist state in which savages do what they want’

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Who is Israel and what is Israel to you? as the old soul song went. This is another scary post. It is about the McCarthyite culture that has settled over that country. A leading book chain has removed a book that criticizes the settler movement from its shelves after rightwingers complained about the content. This society is in crisis, and who is informing Americans? From Ynet:

Shulamit Aloni, former chairwoman of the leftist Meretz party, said in response to the chain’s decision, "Israel has not been democratic for some time now. Our declaration of independence promised equality. I there equality? This is a racist state in which savages do what they want in the name of G-d and their rabbis." 

"The settlers rule the land. The government supports them so much; it’s a disgrace," Aloni told Ynet Sunday night.

Thanks to Marsha Cohen.

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