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What a sleek, modern ethnic-cleansing operation looks like

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cleansing 1The above photograph is said to be of a caravan of police vehicles leaving the Negev village of El-Araqib after demolishing three homes there yesterday. A report from the the Regional Council for Unrecognized Villages in the Negev, states:

Yesterday, Tuesday, April 13th, the Government of Israel demolished 3 homes and served many home demolition orders in the unrecognized village of El-Araqib. The government is coveting the lands of this village and lately has staged a major attack on the residents of this village to forcefully take the lands: the JNF (Jewish National Fund) is planting a forest on these lands; the residents are forced to come to the courts to defend their ownership of the lands, in a legal system that does not recognize any papers prior to the existence of the state; and the home are being demolished. The homes demolished yesterday have been demolished twice before in the past two months.

The government yesterday also razed to the ground all the homes and tents of the village of Twail abu-Jarwal. For these villagers – it is the 40th time that they have had to experience their entire village being demolished in the last couple of years. One wonders, is it not time to change tactics? The police and the inspectors also emptied out the water containers and attempted to bury them – leaving both humans and animals without water. One of the young men from the village asked: Did they also have a "spill water" court order?

Below, left, are photographs of the water containers at Twail abu-Jarwal. Apparently the villagers were reduced to storing water in this manner after their water tank, at right, was destroyed some years ago. For Jews reading this post: These actions are being done in your name.


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