Not a debate

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I thought Jeffrey Goldberg was over, the needle had moved while he hewed to the rightwing line on Goldstone and the colonization of East Jerusalem. Well, I was wrong. Save the date: Jeffrey "The Serious Moderate" Goldberg vs. Jeremy "The Passionate Moderate" Ben-Ami. But wait, there is no "versus"– this is a conversation not a debate! One can only wonder what and who will be thrown under the bus. Walt and Mearsheimer? East Jerusalem? Goldstone? Brant Rosen and the young Jews? 

June 16. 7 pm at the NY Society of Ethical Culture

Jeremy Ben-Ami, J Street Founder and President, in conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg, National Correspondent for The Atlantic, about the U.S. role in working to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Location: New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th St. at Central Park West

Oh, here’s Rosen, by the way:

most critically, younger Jews are increasingly frustrated at being labeled anti-Israel or even anti-Semitic for voicing their opposition to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. As a community, we are clearly beginning to step out from the shadow of those who still believe that the status quo is maintainable – or acceptable. Judge Goldstone has upheld the principles of justice, compassion and truth that are the very heart of the Jewish religion.

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