Military industrial complex replaces Oedipus complex in psyche of proud Jew

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I’m catching up a week or two late to this: Israel recently hosted the first international homeland security conference, bristling with high tech weaponry.

Israel will share its experience and knowledge in counterterrorist activities and homeland security with 700 delegates from around the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the initiative to hold the first international conference on Homeland Security in Israel. The conference was organized by the Export Institute, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry.

What did it look like inside? Well it was all in English. This blogger-attendee calls himself “Proud Jew,” but his handle is Double tapper, he’s into guns; check out all his pictures from the convention floor, and captions:

WeCU Technologies Ltd develops an automated system for the detection of a person’s intent…

Reps from North Carolina, Ohio and Fairfax County Virgina were here to try and entice Israeli HLS Companies to open shop in their regions. The Israeli Export Agency was on hand to assist in the export process.

Jeff Halper likes to point out that Israel is now selling more arms than all but four countries in the world. Big business. (60 percent of the Israeli economy, according to commenter at that link, citing Halper.) Here’s the frightening speakers’ list from the conference. Many high-tech weaponsmakers in Israel, and the police chief of Memphis, and two other public officials:

Timothy W. Manning, Deputy Administrator for Protection and National Preparedness at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), USA.

Jan E. Mul – International Marketing Director at the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA). Jan joined the FCEDA in March of 2004 and his primary role is to assist foreign firms with their market entry into the U.S. and Fairfax County.

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