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January 2011

Brooklyn College reinstates teacher fired for scholarship on Palestine

Zoe Zenowich on

Brooklyn College’s decision today to reinstate Kristofer Petersen-Overton’s teaching position is being hailed as a victory for academic freedom. Petersen-Overton, a PhD student at CUNY’s Graduate Center, was let go just 24-hours after state assemblyman Dov Hikind allegedly contacted CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein to complain of Petersen-Overton’s supposed sympathy for suicide bombers. Hikind, a former […]

‘Welcome to the lions of Almaza’: Neighborhood patrols defend a Cairo in flux

Waleed Almusharaf on

Before British Airways flight 155 landed at 3:05 in the afternoon at Cairo international Airport I had thought the problem was that the road to Tahrir was too long. It was a long way from that small flat with the quiet garden in London, and the fox who occasionally visited, and the pear tree bearing […]

Interview with Ahmed Moor from Cairo: ‘This is a society-wide program for change’

Adam Horowitz on

A mother with child watches protesters gather in Tahrir Square yesterday. (Photo: MSNBC) This morning I had an opportunity to conduct an impromptu interview with Ahmed Moor in Cairo by Skype. He was just returning from Tahrir Square and offers his take on the day’s events, and where things seem to be headed in Eqypt. […]

The widening double standard

Philip Weiss on

My new theme is the cleavage between the American Jewish community and the Israel lobby over political values in Egypt. Howard Berman is the ranking Democrat on House Foreign Affairs. He says, “If a stable democracy is to emerge, there must be wide participation by all secular forces in the country.” But Israel has a […]

A democratic Egypt may save Palestinian and Lebanese lives

Alex Kane on

When Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty in 1979, one of the big dividends for Israel was the removal of a major military threat on their doorstep. Egypt had participated in wars against Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. But since the Camp David peace treaty, Israel has been able to wage war […]

Brooklyn College does right thing and rehires Kristofer Petersen-Overton

Philip Weiss on

K. Petersen-Overton (@neonmeatte) 1/31/11 5:18 PM Brooklyn College has decided to rehire me unconditionally! This is a victory for academic freedom in the United States. More later. Congratulations to Brooklyn College and Kristof Petersen-Overton! Salon’s Justin Elliott has the story here.

Twilight of the gods– neocon puts aid to Israel on the table

Philip Weiss on

What hath Egypt wrought! Danielle Pletka of American Enterprise Institute, George W Bush’s neoconservative braintrust, says that the U.S. should cut aid to Israel. Neoconservatism is imploding… And there are some lessons in what has happened in Egypt for our nation’s legislators: •    Rubber-stamping billion dollar aid programs year in and year out is irresponsible […]


Philip Weiss on

The Egyptian army has said that it will not use force to put down the popular movement for reform… Gary Ackerman, L.I. congressman, and big Israel supporter, won’t stand in the way either. Beautiful statement: “The Egyptian people have made their wishes very clear: it is time for President Mubarak to step down and allow […]

Like a be-in from the 60s– joy, peace, excitement

Philip Weiss on

Felice Gelman, a Westchester NY activist who has led several delegations to Gaza and Egypt, is back in Cairo. She sent along two reports from Saturday and Sunday that Mondo editor has made one. These are her photographs, too: [SaturdWe arrived in Egypt about 5 pm, went thru immigration and customs with no signs of […]

NYT’s Douthat says all that wonderful Middle East stability gave us 9/11

Philip Weiss on

My big new theme is, Let the political imagination of the north African Arabs come and ravish the United States. Open up the crusted channels of our thinking. When all that Richard Haas of the Council on Foreign Relations can talk about is stability, i.e., protect Israel at any cost. Here is Russ Douthat in […]

Obama failed to seize the day (and spent his political capital)

Philip Weiss on

Obama must have wanted to make the Cairo speech for years–probably fantasized about it before he ran for president. But he lacked the courage to place, or keep around him, the people who could advance the change he spoke for; and he didn’t have the knowledge or resourcefulness to take the lead himself. Also, he […]

No to Mubarak, No to Suleiman, Down with tyranny

Today in Palestine on

Here is a translation of a video that was posted yesterday: Say what parliament, and what they have done. And `Ala`a Mubarak, for every business deal, takes a commission. They say he has repented, and is eating kabab that he bought with his dad’s money. And the fortune oh, has slaughtered the poor And the […]

Maybe Abrams was disinvited? Be still, my heart

Philip Weiss on

Laura Rozen: Abrams skips WH Egypt chat. “I had other commitments I did not think I could fairly cancel at such short notice,” he tells me. Hubristic? Maybe. But the fall goeth before the pride.

‘It’s a revolution of the people, not of the Ikhwan, not of Baradei, not of Soliman, not of Facebook and Twitter, no this is a people’s revolution’

Parvez Sharma on

Video of protesters in Tahrir Square, January 30, 2011 (Video: Justimage) Its lonely and I am thinking (and dreaming) in 140 characters or less. The only people I have spoken to in the last few days are friends in Egypt, friends from Egypt in the US, my boyfriend and a few reporters. Un-showered for three days […]

Neocons to lecture Obama on Monday

Ibn Tufayl on

And you’re worried about Islamists? Robert Kagan and Elliott Abrams have been invited to the White House, per Laura Rozen, to talk about Egypt. Looks like other participants are likely to be Dennis Ross and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East democracy issues Tamara Wittes. She’s sort of a mellow Zionist. If you […]