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June 2011

Who’s behind the attacks on flotilla ships? Perhaps it was Israel’s very own underwater sabotage unit

Max Blumenthal on

  Shayetet 13, the Israeli naval commando unit, contains an underwater sabotage division Two boats among the fleet of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla have been sabotaged. Passengers scheduled to sail on the second boat, the Saoirse, which hails from Ireland, discovered that the propelled had been cut and “dangerously  bent.” “If this boat would’ve gone to […]


Philip Weiss on

Associated Press, Austin: Texas Gov. Rick Perry urged the U.S. attorney general to take action Wednesday against Americans who plan to take part in a pro-Palestinian protest by sailing to the Gaza Strip to challenge an Israeli naval blockade.

Khouri: Arab-Israeli conflict is at last beginning, on a level playing field– int’l law

Philip Weiss on

Rami Khouri in the Daily Star of Lebanon. Very smart: [Palestinians’ new nonviolent] political actions… send a single, integrated message that finds resonance around the world: Israel’s practices against Palestinians continue to reflect a combination of criminality and impunity that are totally unacceptable, and people of conscience everywhere are taking action to force Israel, if […]

Irish flotilla ship will not sail to Gaza due to extensive sabotage

Annie Robbins on

It pains me to write this. IRISHSHIPTOGAZA.ORG Terrible news has reached us in the early hours of Thursday – the Irish Ship To Gaza, MV Saoirse, has been SABOTAGED, presumably by agents of Israel. The damage is extensive, and indeed, if it had gone undetected apparently may have been lıfe-threatenıng if the ship had been […]

WikiLeaks document on Gaza blockade puts Israel’s flotilla hasbara to shame

Alex Kane on

As the second “Freedom Flotilla” to Gaza attempts to overcome the various obstacles in its way, the Israeli security establishment is busy trying to confuse people about the economic situation in Gaza. There’s just one big problem with their strategy: a cable written by a U.S. diplomat about the Gaza blockade makes any Israeli propaganda […]

Israeli Army can’t provide evidence of flotilla’s violent plans, story unravels

Max Blumenthal on

Israelis woke up to a front page Jerusalem Post story claiming flotilla passengers planned violence against soldiers. The story has completely unraveled. On June 27, the Israeli army released a highly suspect claim that passengers on the flotilla planned to kill and maim Israeli soldiers. The claim looks like yet another anti-flotilla hoax emanating from […]

The ‘No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza’ Canard: From massacre myopia to blockade blindness

Nima Shirazi on

On Monday, former IDF prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg approvingly quoted an excerpt from a recent anti-Gaza Flotilla opinion piece by Irish columnist Kevin Myers. Myers’ snide commentary is full of historical revisionism, factual errors, total fabrications, racist anti-Arab and Palestinian stereotyping, and an adolescent overuse of silly scare-quotes: The last ‘aid flotilla’ to Gaza carried a large number of […]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar decides to pass on Jerusalem Film Fest following ‘Nakba Day violence’

Adam Horowitz on

From a US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation press release: The Jerusalem Film Festival foreign office has confirmed that legendary basketball star and actor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reversed plans to visit Israel due to concerns arising “after the Nakba Day violence.”  Abdul-Jabbar was slated to present his film, “On the Shoulders Of Giants,” at the […]

International solidarity & history in the making

Medea Benjamin on

Yesterday we had a great international press conference. There were representatives from Greece, Sweden, France, Norway, Canada, Spain, Turkey and of course, the U.S. The room was packed with press and passengers; there was really a feeling that we are part of something historic. Our US speakers were Ann Wright and Alice Walker, as well […]

‘Politico’ says Jewish Democratic donors may abandon Obama, though they like Dennis Ross

Philip Weiss on

Lest you doubt the strength of the Israel lobby, here’s a long report at Politico by Ben Smith undermining Obama on Israel inside the Democratic Party– despite efforts by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ed Rendell to save the day. Obama is “losing the faith” of Jewish Democratic donors, Smith ventures, and then strings together the […]

Month of ‘relative calm’ –Israeli settler crimes in the month of June

Today in Palestine on

Any month that goes by without a single Israeli feather ruffled is commonly referred to as a time of “relative calm” in the American media.  The list of crimes listed below is what that calm looks like from a Palestinian perspective.  And keep in mind this list does not include attacks by Israeli Occupation Forces […]

‘Campaigning against Israeli apartheid has resulted in 23 Palestinian solidarity activists facing US federal grand jury’

Annie Robbins on

Maureen Clare Murphy, managing editor of Electronic Intifada has written an important article for Al Jazeera titled Criminalising Palestinian solidarity. Murphy herself has been issued a subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury the government says is  ”an investigation into violations of the laws banning material support to foreign “terrorist organisations.” The following video […]