ADL gloats over the cancellation of Gaza children’s art exhibit

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The Oakland Tribune is not impressed. From a September, 26 editorial:

Earlier this month, the board of Oakland’s Museum of Children’s Art, MOCHA, abruptly canceled an exhibit of Palestinian children’s art that had been six months in the planning. “A Child’s View in Gaza” featured drawings and paintings by Palestinian children who were living in Gaza during Israel’s three-week bombing and ground invasion that began Dec. 27, 2008.

Pro-Israel lobbying groups claimed that the Gaza exhibit was anti-Israel and fought to kill it. They asserted that the art could not possibly have been created by children . . .

The museum’s actions have drawn justifiable condemnations from critics, including progressive Jewish groups who have demanded the museum reverse itself and allow the art work to be shown.

The entire event is troubling that certain individuals have prevented the public from viewing art they don’t want us to see. What’s to stop other organizations from using the same strong-arm tactics to silence opposing viewpoints?

For more see the Forward – “Bay Area Jewish Groups Celebrate Shutting Palestinian Art Exhibit.”

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“controversial” ??? Not until the ADL etc. created controversy.

In other words, I don’t like it, therefore I controvert it, and it is (ipso facto) “controversial”.

well, they have not prevented the public from seeing the exhibit. i went to the opening last saturday and there were hundreds of people. it started out on the courtyard of the museum with the entire inside perimeter lined with people each holding a replica of one of the drawings, at least 50 people or thereabouts ( henry was holding one). it was crammed and there was a band playing wonderful music on the street.… Read more »

From another context, we can’t help but wonder [paraphase] : at long last, have they no shame?

Still, some among the most hardline Zionists do not hesitate to shoot children, often under the flimsiest of pretexts, so why would we expect them to treat the artwork of kids any more leniently?

I love mondoweiss. Its a great website.. you will hear a lot of me

this is getting a fair amount of radio coverage here in the bay area Wednesday’s Your Call: What’s the power of children’s art depicting trauma? 10amPT/1pmET on 91.7 KALW or What’s the power of children’s art depicting trauma? And how does it affect those who see it? On the next Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about the art exhibit “A Child’s View from Gaza,” which was cancelled two weeks before it was set… Read more »