Israeli settlers attack Israeli activists & journalists; 19 injured, 3 hospitalized

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The following report was sent to us by Ofer Neiman:

This morning (9/30) Israeli activists and Palestinians were attacked by settlers near the settlement of Anatot. The landowner of the plot to which the activists came in order to plant trees was also attacked by the settlers who cracked his head open, as well as attacking his wife. The two were have been hospitalized at Hadasa Ein Karem hospital.

Jewish settlers clashed with left wing activists in the entrance to the Jewish settlement of Anatot near Jerusalem on the 30/9/2011. (Photo: Activestills)

Police officers who were present at the scene did nothing while the activists were beaten and their cameras smashed. Some of the attackers wore police shirts and carried service weapons, which attests to the fact that they are a part of the police force even though they were off duty.

Three other activists have been hospitalized at Hadassa Ein Karem and an additional three have been arrested by the police, who have NOT arrested any of the assaulting settlers, in spite of having witnessed everything.

(Photo: activestills)

Later this evening, more activists arrived to protest against the pogrom which had taken place earlier. They too were attacked and beaten, with stoned being thrown at them too. In spite of police presence at the scene, the police did nothing.

(Photo: Activestills)

As a result of the second attack, 19 people have been injured, requiring medical attention, and three have been hospitalized at Hadasa Ein Karem. Again, several cameras were destroyed. Moreover, cars belonging to the activists, which were parked outside the settlement of Anatot, were damaged by the attackers, who smashed windshields and head and tail lights, as well as puncturing tires.

Damage done to an activist’s car. (Photo: Activestills)

Annie adds:

Settlers and settler security attacked a group of non violent protesters this morning who arrived in solidarity with a Palestinian who had set up a tent outside of the illegal settlement of Anatot near the Palestinian village of Anata on land he claimed was his. Eventually border guards and the police arrived.

I became alerted about this when my twitter feed started going crazy a few hours ago. Ma’an reports 3 have been injured and others have reported people have been taken to the hospital for head injuries. Many tweets alleged cars of the protestors have been vandalized and the settlers are throwing rocks at the protestors as well as destroying cameras and other equipment. Ynet is reporting the tent was set up in the center of the settlement but from this video it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere.

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What a disgraceful day for Israel and jews everywhere. Do these hateful violent settlers know no bounds? Well I guess when you have the backing of the police force and full support of the state you don’t need any. These maniacs are not concerned with the consequences of their behavior because they know there will be none. Who is going to stop them when their own police officers are participating in the atrocities. It’s like… Read more »

“Well I guess when you have the backing of the police force and full support of the state you don’t need any.” Worse than that, (we’re being told that) Anatot is where many border policemen and policemen reside (career officers, if you can dignify what they do for a living with the word “career”). They don’t need the backing of the police, they ARE the police… In addition, it’s notable that these thugs are not… Read more »

How beautiful Zionism is!

Jewish Israeli fascism out of control