When is someone going to lose his job for calling someone an anti-Semite?

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A noble statement, Peter Beinart to Chemi Shalev in Haaretz a few weeks back (emphasis mine):

“I want people, non-Jewish Americans, to have opinions about this like they have opinions about anything else. They may be wrong, they may be stupid, they may be ignorant. Let them have their opinions. And don’t call them anti-Semites unless they have a history of animus toward the Jewish people.

“The problem is that we have a Jewish organizational world whose business model is anti-Semitism, and there’s not enough of it in the United States. So they have to keep looking for it in the Israel debate, when what’s going on is not anti-Semitism. And it upsets me a great deal that American Jewish leaders never have to pay the price. Nobody ever loses their job for getting up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, reading an op-ed they don’t like, and then saying that that person is an anti-Semite. And you should lose your job for that. There should be consequences for that. The pain of being called an anti-Semite in this post-Holocaust world, when you’re not, is just agonizing to watch, frankly.”

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You are so generous Phil to recognize the nobility in Beinart’s spirit as he wrestles with his mixed feelings about Israel and strives valiantly to rehabilitate Zionism, efforts very likely too little too late.

Bravo Phil and Peter Beinart. Beinart makes a VERY important point. He is NOT against (his rather imaginary, or historical goal of) Israel, but he is *DOWN* on the USA’s entrenched “Jewish Orgs”. And, the kicker, his message may be a very good introduction to American Jews ready to begin to learn about Israel as it is today but not yet ready to kick Israel (not ready because they don’t know enough). Making fun of… Read more »

After a giant horselaugh I had to say that within his own standard Beinart is being very consistent and brave here. The horselaugh however was indeed for the Beinarts of the world—supposedly oh-so-smart— just now starting to find out where that standard leads. After all it’s the Beinarts of the world—Progressives/the politically correct/whatever—who think that you’re damned right a person should be fired for his or her job for being “anti-semitic” or “racist” or whatever.… Read more »

What would be an example having “a history of animus toward the Jewish people”?

In essence (and forgetting even their disdain for their supposed love of “tolerance” and “diversity” and all that other self-congratulatory crap they churn out) imposing private speech codes where the government under the First Amendment could not. righto, tolerance and diversity has its limitations. so long as everyone is free to choose between coke and pepsi, things will remain calm. i don’t know if your name means anything about you, sin nombre, but i’m reading… Read more »