CUFI: Keep Israel the focus of US elections

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It is not new that “Christians United for Israel” (CUFI) demands U.S. support for Israeli policies. Today, an email was sent out to supporters from John Hagee and David Brog asking those supporters to advocate keeping the focus on Israel during the 2012 Presidential election season. Not only a focus on Israel, but the “candidate whom we believe will most strongly support our ally Israel.”

“The Presidential election is around the corner. As we head to the polls, the weak economy and our mounting debt will no doubt be on all of our minds. But we must make sure that neither we nor our families forget another important issue. We must remember to vote for the candidate whom we believe will most strongly support our ally Israel.”

The Christian Zionist conviction of America’s need to politically support the State of Israel comes from their interpretation of Genesis 12:3: “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.” A promise spoken to Abraham translated by Christian pro-Israeli groups and Christian Zionists that if the United States does not support Israel the U.S will be cursed as a nation. So vote carefully. 

If you need any t-shirts, garden signs or cups to help your advocacy, see their online store.

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I am all for them keeping Israel front and center in the election…..want everyone to see and hear it. The more they pledge alleigence to Israel and demand more for it, the more non fundies concerned with America’s own condition will consider them crazy.
I look forward to when the public adds christo zios and zios to the repubs and dems as political parties that are to blame for our sorry condition.

From CUFI’s web site: Christians United for Israel is a not-for-profit organization recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). From the IRS web site: An organization will not qualify for tax exemption under IRC 501(c)(3) unless it “does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.” … Therefore, the fundamental test that the… Read more »

Most Irish Americans, French Americans, Italian Americans, German Americans, etc. realize that it would be a political disaster to push Ireland, France, Italy or Germany to the front and center of ugly and divisive controversies in American domestic politics. But the American Jewish establishment, renowned for its political acumen and wisdom, seems to be providing maximum encouragement to Christian Zionists in their efforts to organize the American political system entirely around the Israeli interest. This… Read more »

yes, let’s keep israel the focus of the election

israel, the occupier

israel the apartheid entity

israel, with a military that uses children as human shields

israel with its israel firster traitors here in america

israel, the entity whose neocon israel firster enablers brought on the iraq war

israel, the delegitimized entity in waiting

israel, the enemy of all justice and freedom loving people

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