Migron eviction: Israel evacuates 300 settlers

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Photo: Tovah Lazaroff/ Jerusalem Post

Ahead of a High Court order to evacuate the illegal outpost of Migon by Tuesday, Israeli police carried out the evacuation in the West Bank today. Migron was built on land stolen from Palestinian owners.

The price tag youth who were in the colony are only moving a few miles away to another hilltop.

Jerusalem Post:

Last month 17 of the families petitioned the High Court to remain, claiming they had bought the land.

The court rejected that claim, but said that the structure on lot 10 could remain until the investigation into the purchase claim was completed.

In the days leading up to the evacuation, Migron residents held multiple meetings seeking consensus on how the community should respond to the order.

In the end, they agreed that each family should decide for themselves how they wanted to leave.

Binyamin Regional Council deputy head Motti Yogevn said that some 12 to 15 families had vacated quietly overnight.

He added that they had gone briefly to the nearby Ofra settlement and from there they planned to move to a new modular site prepared for them, two kilometers away from Migron by the Psagot winery.

During the night several dozen teen activists headed to the outpost. Some placed stones and tires across the entryway to the outpost, to bar the military vehicles. But by dawn the road was cleared.

As the sun rose, Migron residents recited the morning service in the synagogue.

Many of them had painted graffiti on the side of their homes, with slogans that said, “Migron we shall return” and “the eternal people does not fear the long road.”

One anti-Likud graffiti stated: “Begin = Sinai [evacuation], Sharon = Gush Katif [Gaza], Bibi = Migron. Only the Likud can.”

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Photo: Tovah Lazaroff/ Jerusalem Post
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Is that the new Jesus in a read shirt with his 4 disciples?

Oh god hold my pants up…..

If they fall down i may have to visit Maria Magdalena when i am horny….

I love the JPost term “evacuation”, as if these people were somehow victims in danger, instead of being the aggressors.

Less than a week ago Netanyahu pledged to annex the Gush Etzion string of 22 settlements and its WB population of 70,000 to Jerusalem and not a peep out of anybody about it but here today, we are getting worked up about Israel chasing out only 300 of its 600,000… Read more »

I wonder if the Zionist authorities set up another large staged production of soap opera like proportions to have photos and video taken of the “crying” settlers and the “crying” soldiers in this new mock battle (that would leave any Palestinian daring to resist even one small illegal Zionist occupation… Read more »

Those kids should be working and paying taxes instead of playing cowboys and Palestinians.