8 former board members of Free Gaza Movement deplore anti-Semitic messaging

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Ali Abunimah has posted the following statement from former board members of the Free Gaza Movement.

As former board members of the Free Gaza movement (our terms ended in August, as outlined in a 22 September statement released by Free Gaza, though this was not immediately reflected in parts of the Free Gaza website), we are disappointed and frustrated by the message and video posted on the Free Gaza Twitter account entitled: “Zionists Ran the Holocaust and the Concentration Camps” and by the subsequent messaging posted by Greta Berlin on behalf of the new board of Free Gaza II. Although the tweet was deleted and Free Gaza II clarified that the posting was a mistake and pertinent context overlooked, we believe that the responses posted by Greta on behalf of Free Gaza II have been inadequate. Consultations and efforts made by some of the former members of the board with the current board members were either rejected or set aside, which has added to our disappointment. We had hoped that Greta would provide evidence of the context in which she says she posted the video, but her failure to do so has led us to now publicly voice our deep concern.

We unequivocally reject and distance ourselves from the tweeted video. Such anti-Semitism was never tolerated by Free Gaza or any of the people or groups with which we have worked.  We condemn all forms of racism and prejudice, including anti-Semitism.

We continue to support initiatives to end Israel’s illegal blockade on the Gaza Strip and its occupation and colonial apartheid practices in Palestine as a whole. It is imperative to be vigilant against racism in all its forms. It is also vital to work for the freedom of all people, and in our efforts to support Palestinians, it is the universal struggle for freedom that has motivated, sustained and guided the efforts of Free Gaza.

  • Huwaida Arraf
  • Caoimhe Butterly
  • Eliza Enshire
  • Alex Harrison
  • Fathi Jaouadi
  • Ewa Jasiewicz
  • Niamh Moloughney
  • Adam Shapiro
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O.K….too much piling on going on with this….who started it?..the Jewish Agency that was monitoring her tweets?..or her facebook?

The link to Berlin’s “messaging” does not work.

Sounds like this Ali chap was having a time of the month episode. There was nothing anti semitic in her tweet. In fact jewsnotzionists and jewsagainstzionism websites say exactly the same.

I love it. Opinions so far on this post showing the audience of MW running far afield of the founders of the ISM. This exemplifies the sad and self defeating margins of what could be a movement for justice in the Middle East – knee jerk support of anyone, anything,… Read more »

Same old same old. The Zionist colonization establishment will leap on any inadvertent remark, take it out of context, blow it up out of proportion and add it to its endless barrage of lies. Never retracting, always denying, threatening and coercing anyone who says otherwise. It’s a very very sick… Read more »