Chomsky: Obama strongly supported Israel’s 2006 Lebanon invasion

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“Barack Obama was a senator before he was president. He didn’t do much as a senator, but he did a couple of things, including one he was particularly proud
of. In fact, if you looked at his website before the primaries, he highlighted the fact that, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, he cosponsored a
Senate resolution demanding that the United States do nothing to impede Israel’s military actions until they had achieved their objectives and censuring Iran and
Syria because they were supporting resistance to Israel.”

–Noam Chomsky, in answer to a question from David Barsamian, in a piece at, originally published by Tom Engelhardt, and excerpted from a new book by Chomsky, Power Systems.

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Nothing to impede until Israel achieved it’s objectives?

Namely, killing 1000+ civilians and then turning around and hiding behind the hiding behind human shields argument.

Disproven by the US Army War College report.

I’m sure the Pritzkers were happy their senator boy voted that way, back in the day. As Hagel said, Obama is the best thing POTUS Israel since Truman. No matter how bad the economy, or Israel thumbing it nose at Obama, he will keep pouring more taxpayer dollers into Israel–there’s… Read more »

I was watching Obama while he was in the Senate. Could never figure out where all of the PR hooey “hope and change” was coming from when he was running. While in the Senate he either sat on the fence or went along with the crowd most of the time.… Read more »

It’s worthwhile to remember how easily Israel manipulated a pretext in 2006–the capture of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah–to pursue its key strategic goal–Hezbollah’s destruction: “In leaked testimony to the Winograd Committee investigating Israel’s mismanagement of the summer 2006 Lebanon war, Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert admitted that the war had… Read more »

Phil, have a care! Did you know that if you Google [Chomsky gatekkeeper] you’ll get bunches and bunches of “hits”? Now, what does that tell you, as if you didn’t know!