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May 2013

Tell Alicia Keys: Don’t entertain apartheid

Adam Horowitz on

Alicia Keys has announced that, despite protests, she is going forward with her upcoming show in Israel. Organizers are still collecting signatures on a petition asking Keys to cancel the performance.

Kerry and Blair’s $4 Billion Mystery Plan for Palestine: Crony capitalism under the guise of peace?

Max Blumenthal on

The recent World Economic Forum in Amman, Jordan, was billed as the Obama administration’s milestone moment for reviving the comatose US-led peace process. In a speech brimming with optimism, John Kerry introduced “Breaking The Impasse,” an ambitious initiative that promised to increase the Palestinian GDP by 50 percent. Details of the plan are impossible to come by, except that Tony Blair, the Special Envoy of the Quartet, had been placed in charge. Blair’s record of questionable wheeling and dealing raises serious questions about “Breaking The Impasse” – to the extent that it is a plan at all. Above, Kerry and Blair discussing the peace process in Rome, Italy, May 2013.

The Not-So-Complex World of Michael Bloomberg: When a white person does it, it’s not terrorism

Nima Shirazi on

Last week, a threatening letter laced with the deadly chemical ricin was sent from Shreveport, Louisiana to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a response to the mayor’s outspoken support for stricter gun control laws. Two identical letters, also containing the lethal substance, were addressed to both President Barack Obama and the head of the Washington D.C. lobbying group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is managed and funded by Bloomberg himself. Despite lethally targeting civilians and non-military officials far from any active battlefield, no one is referring to these acts as terrorism. Not the press, not the intended victims. No one.

Is Israel ‘Funtown’?

Annie Robbins on

Martin Luther King once had to explain to his daughter Yolanda why she wasn’t allowed to go to the Atlanta amusement park Funtown. Israel seems to following in Atlanta’s footsteps.

Updated: al-Aqsa Foundation discovers mass graves of Palestinians killed during the Nakba in Jaffa

Annie Robbins on
JAFFA, Israel. During a restoration project at the historic Al-Kazakhana cemetery workers discovered “nozzles” leading to the mass graves with hundreds of skeletons of Palestinians killed during the Nakba and 1936 uprising.

During a restoration project repairing gravesites which had collapsed due to natural conditions at the Al-Kazakhana cemetery in Jaffa, workers for the al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage, an NGO based in the city of Umm al-Fahm, discovered the existence of six mass graves with hundreds of skeletons of Palestinians who perished during the Nakba in 1948 and the uprising in 1936.

The ‘double standards’ issue and moral judgment of Israeli policies

Jerome Slater on

Jerry Slater writes: throughout most of its history Israel has been the beneficiary of double standards, as most Westerners ignored Israel’s long history of dispossession, occupation, and repression of the Palestinians–whether because of Holocaust guilt, genuine admiration of Israel and even of the Jewish people, domestic political factors, or foreign policy considerations.

‘This time we were not forced to swim naked in the sea’: Gaza fishermen left jobless after illegal arrest in Palestinian waters

Petra Stastna on

A young Palestinian fisherman was arrested together with his brother within Palestinian waters on May 19th by the Israeli navy and released the following day. Their boat and all equipment were confiscated by the Israelis, leaving them with no means to make a living. This is another serious blow to the livelihoods of individual Palestinians whose lives depend on fishing, not to mention the whole population, which has been for years subject to siege as collective punishment, illegal under international law. Above, the Israeli military harasses Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza.

Roger Waters joins Alice Walker in plea to Alicia Keys not to play Israel

Roger Waters on

Roger Waters to Alicia Keys: ‘Others may try to persuade you that by playing in Israel you may magically effect some change… appeasement didn’t work with South Africa and it has not worked in Israel. I know I tried it ten years ago, things have only got worse.’

Talking points for Secretary Kerry Re: New Jerusalem

Marc H. Ellis on

The only way to end the endless wrangling in Israel/Palestine is through an American military intervention. Here are talking points for John Kerry on post-intervention thinking/planning.

The lost city of Gaza (Part 1)

Jehad Abusalim on

Gaza is neither just a refugee camp nor a heap of cement as always portrayed in the media. On the contrary, Gaza is a historic city with a 5,000 years old history, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. So, if Gaza has this long history with all these past civilizations, why do we only see cement, cement, and more cement photos of Gaza? Where did the archeological and ancient face of Gaza go? Who is responsible for losing huge parts of the “old city of Gaza”?

J Street is no longer on outs with Netanyahu

Philip Weiss on

Netanyahu allowed J Street delegation to meet with ministers, a reversal of earlier policy against the liberal Zionist organization. Both sides get something out of J Street serving as Netanyahu’s figleaf

New report shows Palestinians own only 8% of historic Palestine

Kate on

Data shows that Palestinians now own just 8 per cent of historic Palestine MEMO 28 May — New data published by the Lands Research Centre (LRC) shows that Palestinians own only eight per cent of historic Palestine. The LRC is affiliated to the Arabic Studies Association in Jerusalem. In a press conference held in Ramallah, […]