Chelsea Clinton’s multifaith initiative

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Yesterday we posted on Joe Biden’s panderfest to a Jewish audience in Washington, when he said that Jews were responsible for every piece of social progress in the postwar U.S. Well, what a different signal Chelsea Clinton is sending about American culture. The NY Post reports she has a new job at NYU:

The former first daughter has tackled what the school calls a “multifaith” role as co-founder and co-chair of its brand-new Of Many Institute. The program is described by the university as aiming to “develop multifaith dialogue and train multifaith leaders.”

Clinton’s intermarriage is understood to be relevant to this undertaking. Religion News Service:

New York University’s Of Many Institute[‘s] website says the institute “supports a new generation of religious and civic leaders who, deeply rooted in their own religious and spiritual traditions, reach across faith boundaries to solve social problems together.”…

Clinton is Christian and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is Jewish. She told Time magazine last year that she was interested in helping to create, support and sustain multifaith leadership.

Chelsea “told Time of her desire to study faith and education: ‘With all candor, because my husband is Jewish and I’m Christian, and we’re both practicing, it’s something that’s quite close to home.’”

Thanks to MJ Rosenberg, who comments, Hillary’s not running for president.

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OT: still nothing on the London beheading? As often, I can recommend Grenn Greenwald:

But what does it all mean? In the past Jewish “leaders” entered dialogue only to coerce pro-Zionism. Will this NYU thing be any different? Keep tuned?

It will be interesting if the young couple have a kid. Chelsea’s age 33, so she’s getting ripe re the old ticking clock every woman has.

I’d be interested to know what her views are concerning the I/P issue. That last I heard of her was when she participated in a pro-Israel rally about ten years ago.

ick. Clinton and Mezvinsky. what a pedigree.