‘Jewish settlements on West Bank’ are now Comedy Central fare

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Stand-up comedian Anthony Jeselnik, host of Comedy Central’s late-night series The Jeselnik Offensive, i.e., he prides himself on being offensive, asks ‘Why did the a Muslim cross the road?’ in a segment on Islam. “Because he was being relocated by Israeli authorities to make more room for Jewish settlements on the West Bank.” A lot of jokes about Muslim terrorists, but his Muslim listeners laugh that off as lame stereotype. The point of the sketch seems to be that Muslims are ordinary Americans; and the sting is about Israel. 

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I’ll wait for the day that ‘Jewish sentiments on Leumi Bank’ have become Comedy Central fare…

Any divers around there that I could borrow something off [holding breath and such]?

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There is a lot of comedy potential in the space between the IDF and Tikkun Olam.