Stopping Sara from falling in love with Sammy in Qalandia

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This Jewish organization based in LA and Jerusalem raises money to prevent the “exploitation of Jewish girls in Israel.” What does this mean? The group, called Learn and Live, says it is concerned with sex trafficking and girls getting into abusive relationships, but some of its appeal has a racial theme. Learn and Live seeks to “enhance Jewish identity” and keep Jewish girls out of “villages.”

When we wrote about Live and Learn before — and said the appeal was reminiscent of Southern attacks on miscegenation of the white race — the organization described these villages as “Arab villages.”

Now they’re a bit more coded. From the email I received yesterday:

Why are so many girls disappearing into villages?

I could tell you it is caused by poverty, or dysfunctional homes, or a generation raised on coexistence. The truth is much deeper. We are in a war and our young girls are the targets. The battle is for kedushas Israel and we are on the front lines trying to save our Jewish girls.

Some of the anti-Palestinian talk isn’t even in code. At the website, some of the stories are about Arab men:

Malka is a girl that Learn & Live saved from a life of abuse. At 17 and very overweight, she spent most evenings alone. Yousef, the Arab at the supermarket told her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Though she didn’t want to get involved with a non Jewish person, his constant compliments and gifts got to her. She went with him in his car. “At first, I ducked under the window to make sure no one saw me” Malka admitted. “After awhile, I got used to going with him.” She started to fall in love with him and was about to go to his home in a village.

Her friend told our counselor at the Learn & Live Teen Center in Tzefat and we got her to come in. We had her meet with girls who had been rescued from the villages. With the help of our counselors, and a new social life, Malka left her him before she was taken….

Growing up poor and subject to her father’s abuse, Sara often dreamt of escaping her reality. Sara met Sammy in Tel Aviv. Sammy showered her with gifts; following a short courtship Sara fell in love and willingly moved to Kalandia with Sammy. There the relationship changed. Sara recalls – “I was like a slave. I was often severely beaten. Sammy’s family called their friends from the Hamas to do with me as they saw fit.” “I felt that no one wanted me – I felt trapped”….


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“The truth is much deeper. We are in a war and our young girls are the targets.” I don’t think it is racial. They don’t talk about girls entrapped by Ethiopian Jews, do they? Its just the eternal Jewish war all over the world against mongrelization with goyim. American Jews… Read more »

While there are thousands of Jewish girls marry with Muslims men in Israel, it is very rare (if any) to see a Muslim girl marry Jewish man or has Jewish boyfriend. Even, it is not acceptable that Muslim woman sit alone with a man in coffee shop, for instance. This… Read more »

I hear the Palestinians are a warm and friendly people. Maybe that’s just an irresistible way to be, romantically speaking.

Hey, imagine where this stuff would get in USA, where interracial coupling is praised, and most of it to date is between white girls and black men. How is it that the US funds, and diplomatically covers Israel while at the same time they keep David Duke et al as… Read more »

I’m sure that Hoppy will be by any time know to tell us how they’re “more worried about the haredim than the Arabs.”