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September 2013

Cooper Union’s bizarre ‘Jewish values’ panel: Accused war criminal and pro-occupation billionaires speak about the ‘strong protecting the weak’

Alex Kane on

Hundreds of people packed into Cooper Union’s Great Hall to witness President Paul Kagame, leader of Rwanda, speak on the topic of genocide and Syria with Elie Wiesel and celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. The satire could have written itself: an accused war criminal teaming up with pro-Israel billionaires to talk about the “strong protecting the weak.” But this was no gag. All of the participants were deadly serious–and the audience loved it.

Obama and Netanyahu discuss the colonial question of questions on Iran

Marc H. Ellis on

Today, Netanyahu is in Washington for a meeting with President Obama. It’s a bit ridiculous, though, that these two nuclear powers will butt heads over how to keep Iran from developing one nuclear weapon. I doubt either Netanyahu or Obama see the evident irony. This is the colonial question of questions. Why we can have weapons of mass destruction. Why they cannot have the same weapons.

J Street leaders praise IDF, but audience cheers BDS

Philip Weiss on

At J Street’s annual policy conference, the Israel lobby group has become part of the Jewish establishment. Its speakers have Hebrew accents and brag that their children are in the Israeli army. But the liberal audience wants to hear about the right of return, and the Palestinian struggle

UN stats show Israeli home demolitions increased as peace talks started

Kate on

Compiled, in Kate’s temporary absence, by Shadi Fadda of the Int’l Univ. of Sarajevo, who founded the Today in Palestine newslist back in 2002. Apartheid, Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing Israel increases rate of home demolitions as peace talks chug along In August, a month after peace talks resumed, Israel leveled another […]

Daniel Levy on ‘boxing in Bibi’

Annie Robbins on

Daniel Levy’s current article at Foreign Policy, Maximum Bibi, breaks down Netanyahu’s urgent dilemma given the “diplomatic opening” created by the election of Rouhani as Iran’s president.

Hotel Rwanda at Cooper Union

Marc H. Ellis on

The 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide has arrived. As with Ben-Gurion and Netanyahu, Netanyahu, Wiesel and Kagame make strange bedfellows. At least, I would like to think so, especially when Holocaust and genocide are on the table. However, increasingly it seems just the opposite. The three are natural allies in subterfuge and enabling violence.

A honeymoon apart

Sameeha Elwan on

(This is cross–posted from Sameeha Elwan’s blog Here, I was Born) This is how we planned it: I get my Schengen visa to attend a Peace conference in Geneva and then we fly, together, to France, where we first met, for a honeymoon, his university registration and to be reunited with our friends there. “It’s […]

US, Iran and Spoilers

Ahmed Moor on

Ahmed Moor at Mondo: Solving the Iranian issue – which should never have been an issue – could be to Obama as containing the USSR was to Eisenhower. Obama’s ego may resist Netanyahu’s attempts to dictate history.

Settlers set up tents on Jerusalem land designated for Palestinian capital

Kate on

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing Jewish settlers occupy area west of Abu Dis OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) 25 Sept — A group of Jewish settlers installed a container and tents in an area west of Abu Dis in occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday night. Settlers hoisted Israeli flags and danced and reveled to celebrate […]

Netanyahu returns to the U.N. — now guess the drawing!

Katie Miranda on

The New York Times has reported that Benjamin Netanyahu will use his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday to warn the world “a nuclear deal with the Iranian government could be a trap.” Fresh off last year’s success with his cartoon bomb, Mondoweiss has obtained the drawings Netanyahu plans to bring to the United Nations General Assembly this year.

Facts on the Ground Peace Index: Volume II

Institute for Middle East Understanding on

The Institute for Middle East Understanding has released the latest “Facts on the Ground Peace Index” to track Israeli actions on the ground since new talks were announced. While the first month of Israeli-Palestinian talks was marked primarily by a series of provocative announcements for new Israeli settlement construction, recent weeks have seen a continuation of demolitions of Palestinian homes in the occupied territories.

What Jewish leader is willing to take up the opportunity Rouhani has provided?

Marc H. Ellis on

However awkwardly spoken or translated, Hourani’s statements represent a huge opportunity for Jews and the international community’s discussion on Israel. What Jewish leader in America or Israel is willing to take up Rouhani’s offer, to take their own political risk and to meet him halfway?

Despite international efforts to build vital infrastructure, Israeli military and settlers force Palestinians out of West Bank village

Esther Kwan on

Esther Kwan reports from the West Bank village of Abo Dawa, which has received a solar micro-grid system from European aid funders. The micro-grid undoubtedly eases the lives of Abo Dawa’s Palestinians, but it also makes a political statement given the partitioned landscape of the West Bank. Mr. Carlos Sordo, manager of the micro-grid project, points out, “Abo Dawa was chosen as the site of the micro-grid project because it enjoys natural water resources and is placed in an isolated rural area in the West Bank.” The aid of the solar panels thus provide an added impetus for the Palestinians to remain on their land.

Abbas’s speech to UN General Assembly, transcript

Philip Weiss on

This is an official transcript of Mahmoud Abbas’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly today. PDF here. Abbas was introduced as president of the state of Palestine. Mr. President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, At the outset, I extend my congratulations to H.E. Mr. Vuk Jeremid on […]