In Ramallah market, Max Blumenthal shows the fruits of occupation

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In ten days, an important book about the conflict will be published, Max Blumenthal’s Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. The book is important because it will change the paradigm of Israel inside liberal American opinion, by demonstrating how occupation and ethnocracy have transformed the Israel of so many Americans’ dreams into an intolerant, tough, and often racist society. Blumenthal performs this shift by marshaling facts about a highly distressing reality inside the occupation and in Israel itself. And because we see that change as so vital to American awareness and policy-making, I’m going to be getting Blumenthal’s ideas out in weeks to come.

Last week I interviewed him inside the Ramallah fruit and vegetable market. It’s 5 minutes, above. Blumenthal explains that almost all of the fruits and vegetables in the market are from Israeli farms, especially in the Jordan Valley, on expropriated land.
He describes the ways that the Palestinian agricultural sector has been almost completely destroyed, by occupation and by the Oslo process, which kept Palestinians from developing an independent economic base.
And he says that one of the best ways to resist occupation is by generating your own economy and boycotting. Palestinians have been unable to do this. Gaza and the West Bank are treated as captive markets.

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Also, depriving the Palestinians of water is part of the game plan that Max so eloquently described. Israel wrecked the Palestinian farming industry for obvious reasons. What Isreal has not yet stolen, the collaborators are handing it over to it on a silver platter. That’s what Oslo was all about… Read more »

Yes, boycotting is one of the best ways to abolish occupation.
Who will go to their campus government or city council and ask for a boycott-Israel resolution?

That’s what you guys were doing on Yom Kippur?

So, let’s see, money comes IN to Palestine from EU (and maybe others), GOES OUT to Israel, and Israel can tighten the screws on PA anytime by closing off food supply, stopping money transfers, etc. So, let’s see, if EU goes ahead with its mini-mini-boycott on settlements and Israel retaliates,… Read more »

The Palestinians are being forced to eat more varieties of cheaper, better quality food.

Thanks Max.