Israeli Embassy publishes fake LinkedIn profile of Rouhani as a con artist who seeks nukes and supports terrorism

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In a sophomoric move that surely could alienate some supporters, the Israeli Embassy to the United States has created a fake “LinkedIn” profile of the new Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, mocking his assertion that Iran does not seek nuclear weapons. In the fake profile, Rouhani calls himself a “nuclear proliferation expert.”

“I’m a career politician, expert public relations professional, leading international salesman, and longtime advocate of nuclear proliferation,” the fake profile reads.

“Rouhani” also says that in an unending p.r. campaign, he has rebranded Iran as a peaceful nation, pretending to negotiate as it acquires nuclear weapons.

“All the while, I have ensured our regime maintain its role as the worldwide leading sponsor of worldwide terror activities.”

LinkedIn is of course a networking site for professionals.

Does this kind of stuff work? The Embassy takes credit for the hamhanded parody here. Thanks to Avi Mayer on twitter. I see that Emily Hauser is on it here, and also calls it an embarrassment to supporters of Israel. “This kind of amateur hour performance is an embarrassment, pure and simple—and it does little but strengthen the impression shared by many across the globe (including many Jews both inside and out of Israel) that the fear-mongering has always been more about distracting the world from the occupation of Palestinian lands than it has been about Iran.”


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Ah yes, ramping up for Iran…. Dear Friend of Israel: In just 6 days [ ] , AIPAC’s resources to engage Congress on issues vital to Israel’s security will be locked in place for all of 2014. I am writing because we have not yet heard from you, and… Read more » Mr. Ross drew a distinction between a handshake and photo opportunity, and a working meeting. But he said, “We will still need to manage expectations and Israeli fears that we will end up in a rope-a-dope dialogue while the Iranian nuclear program creates facts on the ground.” Rope-a-dope dialogue?… Read more »

And the world is supposed to take seriously a jumped-up little country that screams hysterically at every imagined slight they suffer. The world is supposed to go to war on the word of a country which indulges in childish pranks and stunts a student would be embarrassed by? And then… Read more »

LMAO. How lame. It just demonstrates further that even the israelis know that there is no threat here and that all their war mongering is all one big lie.

Desperately shoddy. Israeli khaalis.