Self-exiled Israelis in Berlin now number 20,000

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Yair Lapid says Jews can live nowhere else but Israel
Yair Lapid

More on that story that won’t go away: Israelis moving to Berlin, now 20,000 strong. A lightning rod for rightwingers like Yair Lapid, the self-exile from the Jewish state raises all sorts of questions about the reforestation of Jews in Europe and the Jewish ideal of living as an empowered minority in a diverse liberal society. And yes, too, the right of return to a society that ethnically cleansed your people, Ashkenazi Jews.

In Haaretz, an Israeli-turned-Berliner, Tal Alon, says that she started a Hebrew magazine in Berlin a year back because of the “‘exciting thing that is happening here,’ referring to the growing Israeli community in Berlin – now about 20,000 strong – that recently prompted criticism from Finance Minister Yair Lapid.”

Finance Minister Lapid said a month ago that Israelis were moving to Berlin because it’s easier financially and they should think twice; Alon says that’s not why.

“I moved for the experience, the adventure; to satisfy the will to broaden my horizons.”

After two years in Berlin, Alon established Spitz in order to connect the local German and Israeli communities. The magazine’s goal isn’t to keep the community in an isolated bubble, she says, but rather to “serve as a bridge for Hebrew speakers in the Berlin landscape.” The name Spitz (literally, sharp tip) is one sort of connection: “It’s a word that moved from German – and some claim from Yiddish – to Hebrew.”
Alon is yet to find the financial model that would secure future issues of the magazine, which is currently based on the work of 50 individuals – writers, photographers, editors and distributors – most of whom do not receive any pay. At present it is distributed free of charge to 250 subscribers, and a further 1,750 copies are distributed at Jewish and Israeli businesses throughout the city.

Has this story been on 60 Minutes yet? What about Walt and Mearsheimer, they haven’t been on 60 Minutes, and their book just never goes away.

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the video at the second link mentions 100,000 israelis have german passports.

50% of Israeli children under the age of 10 are either Haredim or Arab, both with bleak employment prospects. In the case of the Haredim, self-imposed. In the case of the Arab-Israelis, imposed from the outsided by a scared Jewish establishment which fears an empowered Arab minority. Either way, this leaves a much smaller share of the future tax base. We’re not going to see a massive wave of Aliyah of Jews to Israel anymore.… Read more »

It is really no surprise that Yair Lapid opposes the right of return. He rejects the Jewish right of return to Germany in the same way as he rejects the Palestinian right of return to historic Palestine. At least, we can give him some credit for consistency. And yes, too, the right of return to a society that ethnically cleansed your people, Ashkenazi Jews. I object to the phrasing! The society of present-day Germany is… Read more »

If you’re born in Podunk, Iowa and aspire to play in a philharmonic orchestra, you move to Chicago, New York or L.A.

So what’s the big deal if young, ambitious Israelis move in order to broaden their horizons?

Interesting Aljazeera Documentary on Israelis abroad, many of whom live in Germany.