They’re desperate

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Paula AbdulPaula Abdul has been in Israel. She met with Shimon Peres– the Guardian says, “The occasionally coherent reality judge was invited for talks with President Peres.”

And her visit was flacked by the American Jewish Committee, too.


I don’t think this is going to work.

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We’ll, I hope doddering old Mr. P. doesn’t mutter something like “no fatties!” because that could cause talks to break down.

No need for copy – the title says it all and I really like the title :-)

having never heard the word flakked before i googled it. nothing in websters but here’s the urban dictionary. but i still don’t understand what it means. Flakking In the Unreal series of fps games, the act of spraying Flak cannon, rocket launcher, Instagib, or Biorifle shots over a large… Read more »

The context of the picture tells me that it’s a typo thang – “flakked” should read ‘flanked’. Maybe?

they always send in shimon for the photo-op with the gals… the guy is a stud…..