12,000 Cherokee, 40,000 Bedouin — Don’t let history repeat

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Jewish Voice for Peace has a petition up against the Prawer Plan and has released this flyer about lighting Hanukkah candles against the initiative.

Jewish Voice for Peace appeal on Prawer Plan

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Thank you JVP.

I hope something good comes of it.

(I’m not holding my breath, though ;{ )

Yesterday, to the dismay of a few here, Miriam was in the process of establishing a parallel between the removal of the Indians by the Europeans and the removal of the Bedouins by the Israelis when the thread was shut down. Today, Phil via JVP is headlining the same issue that she was pushing. Is the American removal to be swept under the rug?

I do not have a knowledgeable position on what is happening in Negev. Obviously I don’t believe the dishonest things Jewish mutants are posting here. Here is a documents in Hebrew for which i have no English translation but it has many photographs of what the history of the Bedouin villages was. Just ignore the text and look at the pictures.

Andrew Jackson said, “Marshall has made his decision: now let him enforce it” when the Supreme Court opposed the removal of the Cherokees. Israel has been acting virtually the same related to UN rulings and international law in its treatment of Palestinians since the 40s.

This appeal to the personal qualities of the source of info rather than to the quality of info itself is a ridiculous argument. Like ” Schrodinger equation can not be correct because Schrodinger had been known for having extra marital love affairs. How can we trust such equation?” Come on – just look at he photographs in the document and argue if they are real or false. Then I learn something – otherwise it is… Read more »