But what can a poor boy do, except to boycott Israel

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Rolling Stones are playing Tel Aviv on June 4th. Say it ain’t so Keith. Ronnie Wood says Bob Dylan told them to go. Check out this great video by Dave Lippmanwith graphics by DeeDee Halleck. Build pressure on the Stones.

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video is Borscht belt dreck.

I’m not really surprised. The Rolling Stones long ago turned into a joke, a bunch of golden oldies who’ll perform for anyone who tossed them a little coin. As for the Kahanist Bob Dylan encouraging them, about par for the course for that racist creep.

If only the Stones didn’t play music in Israel. Hamas and Netanyahu would disappear, the settlers would all magically return to Poland and Russia where they came from, Iran would become a democracy, Lieberman would struck by lightning, and Bashar Assad would step down. Peace would reign throughout the region… Read more »

They sure don’t need the money, and they don’t need power. Why destroy their own legacy for a rogue state? Baffling to say the least…

They must still be on drugs– hallucinogenic ziocaine.

The video is good– the Stones have plenty of moolah, what they need is a conscience/moral compass— not the filthy lucre from Apartheid/Occupation Israel.