Video: Jewish mob chanting ‘Death to Arabs!’ stops cars in Jerusalem to check drivers’ ethnicity

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The video above was shot last night by Ronnie Barkan in Jerusalem. He tells me the locations are as follows:

PM residence, Hatulot square (downtown), en route to East Jerusalem (they didn’t enter East Jerusalem both coz they’re not SUCH idiots and secondly because the police used a stun grenade against then which made them step back)

In perhaps the most frightening scene they start flagging down taxis presumably looking for Palestinian drivers (they let cars pass once they see a driver is Jewish).

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David Sheen has this on his twitter feed.

Who’s the tall, wellbuilt guy who confronts them? I noticed how at least two of them stepped back when he got into their faces. Most of these people are cowards, just like their PM.

Wow…Nazi Zionism….Apartheid regime…out of control…the Israeli police in cahoots with what seems to be lynching mobs looking for Arabs…non-Jewish!!!

All out there in the streets…with their chants…Death to Arabs….your mother is a whore…and so on…

Disgusting indeed….and the American taxpayers are footing Apartheid Israel’s bills at $8.5 million dollars per day…every day!

I’m always amazed at stream of abusive, dirty language, first from the Hebron settlers and now from this bunch in Jerusalem. I guess that’s the natural mode of expression when you walk through life with a permanent chip on your shoulder.

“We are a people, one people. We have everywhere tried honestly to integrate with national communities surrounding us and to retain only our faith. We are not permitted to do so,, We are denounced as strangers.. If only they would leave us in peace, But I do not think they will ”

Mahmoud Abbas, London Jewish chronicle, 1896

Seem that Jewish cars were being stopped in the west bank; one was burned. At least this happened according to Michael Omer-Man at +972.. Tit for Tat, except it isn’t.