Gaza– and ‘Guernica’

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Horse in Beit Hanoun
Horse in Beit Hanoun

Allison Deger has been in Gaza for the last few days. She will be reporting in days to come, but in the meantime we have taken photographs and captions from her twitter feed that have already gained wide attention. There are many pictures of the human toll on her feed, and we begin with a couple of them. But this post also demonstrates the onslaught by showing what happened to animals. The images of horses and donkeys echo Picasso’s famous painting, Guernica, commemorating the 1937 fascist bombing of Guernica that killed hundreds of civilians during the Spanish Civil War. –Phil Weiss

This was an ambulance in Beit Hanoun until Israeli fire struck it, killing 5 people from inside

Ambulance destroyed, killing five inside
Ambulance destroyed, killing five inside

Fleeing-what everyone is doing in #Gaza, but there’s no space in emergency shelters to accommodate the masses.

Children fleeing -- to where
Children fleeing — to where

If you see this, does it make you wonder what happened to the people?

Beit Hanoun donkey, photo by Allison Deger
Beit Hanoun horse, photo by Allison Deger

This is everyone’s house in Shuja’iyeh

Shuja'iyeh rubble
Shuja’iyeh rubble

Baby’s shoe in Shuja’iyeh amid exploded house rubble.

Baby's shoe
Baby’s shoe

A lot of horses and donkeys also didn’t make it in Beit Hanoun. It feels like Israeli strikes destroyed everything.

Horse in Beit Hanoun
Horse in Beit Hanoun

More animals with gunshots wounds. Nobody can take care of them–people don’t have homes anymore.

Donkey with gunshot wound
Donkey with gunshot wound

Donkey that is bleeding from gunshot wound nudges off her young as he tried to feed. There’s no milk

Young donkey tries to feed
Young donkey tries to feed

Dead donkey under rubble, Beit Hanoun

Donkey in Beit Hanoun under rubble
Donkey in Beit Hanoun under rubble

This was Beit Hanoun’s zoo. Today, no animals were there and the building destroyed.

Beit Hanoun zoo, obliterated
Beit Hanoun zoo, obliterated

Busy, busy, busy. Palestinians kids in #Gaza City’s market get around.

Gaza market, on cease fire day
Horse in Gaza market, on cease fire day
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There is no punishment that is enough to fit Israel’s crimes!

Allison– please try to stay safe, Israel has no soul.

Lovely impressionistic piece, Allison.

Off Topic: George Galloway’s speech last week before activists in the UK —

do you people know how many horses were brutally killed in ww1 and ww2? and by no means mention the ingenious Hamas militants who load up certain selected donkeys and/or horses with bomb vests that then either blow up IDK or have to be shot before they detonate. Knowing that humans not suffering under war-especially Americans have notoriously polled as being much more sympathetic to images of dead puppies, cats, horses and other animals then… Read more »

This is so wrong. And the ziobots online are so self-righteous. I’m really nauseous and frustrated because my tax dollars are doing this. And Bill Kristol is still there, on TV.

These are incredible photos. Stay safe, Alison.