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CNN headline: “100 people killed today in Israel, Gaza fighting”

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Mondoweiss reader Lana Abdel Hawk sent the following screenshot along:


My question for you dear reader – bias or incompetence?

Just to set the record straight, so far during “Operation Protective Edge” there have been 2 Israeli civilians killed and 18 Israeli soldiers. At the same time 508 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, of which the U.N. says 72% are civilians (PDF), over 3,000 injured, and over 100,000 displaced.

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34 Responses

  1. amigo on July 21, 2014, 11:41 am

    I watched CNN earlier and was gob smacked when Yousef Munayer (sp) was interviewed.I was expecting the usual pro Israel grilling but it never came.

    Well , at least I can brag I saw history being made.

    As for the headline, what,s new about the devious tactics of a drowning snake.Apologies to all snakes.

    • just on July 21, 2014, 11:51 am

      I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing him twice before– last week! He’s so effective.

    • Justpassingby on July 21, 2014, 12:37 pm

      Anyone saw Hanan’s (from Palestine Liberation Org) interview? That was very good also.

      • amigo on July 21, 2014, 2:13 pm


        Yes, she told it like it is.

        She is such a brave woman.

  2. just on July 21, 2014, 11:42 am

    Deliberate obfuscation gets my vote, Adam.

    Average Americans read the headlines, and ignore the punctuation.

  3. Citizen on July 21, 2014, 11:43 am

    I’m trying to tell Americans I know about this contrived absurdity but they are not interested.

    • just on July 21, 2014, 11:53 am

      I’ve had that problem for years and years. I never stop trying, though.

    • amigo on July 21, 2014, 12:12 pm

      Citizen, if one hundred Israelis were killed in one day, and it was only reported on one channel , they would be suspicious.

      Having said that, when it comes to thinking outside of the home front , most are intellectually lazy.Most Jews they know are white folks dressed in western style clothes so must be right.


      • Mooser on July 21, 2014, 7:47 pm

        “Most Jews they know are white folks dressed in western style clothes so must be right.”

        That ‘whiteness’ is actually a fairly recent development.

      • RoHa on July 21, 2014, 9:13 pm

        What were they before? Purple? Tartan? Paisley pattern?

    • American on July 21, 2014, 12:24 pm

      Maybe you arent telling them in the right way.

      I visited with a group of 70 and 80 year olds saturday evening, three of whom in the gathering were ladies whose husbands served with Patton in WWII. This older group is still full of vim and vigor about the US and has a lot of time on their hands to follow politics and what interest them, have lived long enough to know a thing or two and arent shy about expressing their opinions to their politicians.
      When I left they understood what P/I-USA-Israel is all about and where it came from.

      Israel is a threat to America –at least the America this group/generation thought they knew and sacrificed for—once they learn the truth about this they are incensed.

      • ritzl on July 21, 2014, 1:40 pm

        Agree, American.

      • David Nelson on July 22, 2014, 2:17 am

        American: “Israel is a threat to America –at least the America this group/generation thought they knew and sacrificed for—once they learn the truth about this they are incensed.”

        I agree and believe this is a good tactic on which to focus limited energy. Convince the Tea Partiers, random patriots, and fly-over America of the threat that Israel is to the United States. Convince enough of them, and the discourse on Israel in America shifts from being dominated by Jews to one being dominated by patriots. Once they are convinced, they will provide the energy to move the rest of America. This will be good for America, good for the Palestinians, and, no doubt kicking and screaming the whole way, this will be good for the Israelis.

      • American on July 23, 2014, 9:36 am

        @ David Nelson

        Given where I live, and my area’s demographics, rounding up ‘random patriots’ to pressure US politicians is the best use of my time on this Isr abomination since I cant be flying to DC or NY every other day to join protesters.
        I recommend to others tapping this older generation in their communities also, they are a underestimated force.

    • Justpassingby on July 21, 2014, 12:40 pm


      And nor are westerners in general, they are fully brainwashed they want to live according to the israeli lies.

  4. justicewillprevail on July 21, 2014, 11:43 am

    I don’t want to defend CNN but I assume the crucial word is ‘today’ – ie in the space of 24 hours, and the appalling grammar implies they mean in Israel, when in fact they mean in Israel-Gaza fighting, obviously without saying how many on each side. Just sloppy, low quality sub editing by people who don’t care.

  5. Kay24 on July 21, 2014, 11:49 am

    Looks like CNN has copied from Fox the art of deliberately, and strategically, writing headlines to confuse and mislead it’s viewers. What would this zionist tainted channel not do, to help the victims of occupied people.

    • ckg on July 21, 2014, 1:26 pm

      Yes. Fox News is the master at this art. Check out today’s headline:

      Obama, Kerry express further concern about casualties in Israel, press for cease-fire

  6. Sumud on July 21, 2014, 11:54 am

    An unofficial Al Qassam Brigade twitter account (the official ones in Eng and Ar keep getting disabled by twitter) claimed just now to have captured more IDF:

    @Qassam_English: 18:00 Al-Qassam Brigades captured #Zionist soldiers near the College of Agriculture, east of Beit Hanoun
    #Resistance #Gaza #Hamas

    • Sumud on July 21, 2014, 12:04 pm

      Hmm the arabic Qassam twitter account, which doesn’t say if it’s official or not, is saying that 10 IDF were killed in a raid but doesn’t mention any captures. Still no official denial from IDF about the previous soldier who was said to have been captured.

      Might be a different incident.

  7. gamal on July 21, 2014, 12:11 pm

    L A Hawk? is that sa2r (sakr), the umayyad sakr-ul-Quraysh is one of the great
    swashbuckling historical tales of the east.

    American media lies are becoming truly comical, Gazan destruction referenced as Israeli, and now anonymous “Deaths”, idiotic cartoons and absurd claims. The Israel junta is now on a par with any Arab one, the whole crew utterly worthless.

    No one wishes to return to the ante-bellum equlibrium in the Levant, we will see how it all ramifies, Obama is an utter disgrace.

    I welcome the long peaceful hours in moderation, its a nice place.

  8. seafoid on July 21, 2014, 12:13 pm

    I think the CNN headline underlines the damage done to the Israeli education system by the money flow to YESHA> Very poor use of English.

    the correct phrase is of course

    100 people killed today by Israel; Gaza fighting

    Very tricky, English prepositions , especially for Torah students

  9. Rational Zionist on July 21, 2014, 12:41 pm

    I am all for seeing the truth be presented on the news.
    Too much is slanted by the particular news outlet.
    I am pro-Israel.
    But that does not mean that I am anti-Palestinian.
    I am very much anti-Hamas.

    Does anyone see the distinction?
    Can the PA win an election in Gaza?
    Can anyone dis-arm Gaza?

    • Justpassingby on July 21, 2014, 12:55 pm

      Rational zionist, or rather irrational zionist

      You are anti-palestinian, you want to install the puppet PLO in Gaza and disarm any palestinian making a move against the colonizer.

    • can of worms on July 21, 2014, 1:17 pm

      “Does anyone see the distinction?”
      Frankly what I see is a Zionist hoping the IOF will capture Gaza and place their puppet Abbas there to keep down any ghetto uprisings, so that the Palestinians can be robbed of their life, liberty and dignity… but, sure… that does not mean you’re an anti-Palestinian colonialist racist.

      • dbroncos on July 21, 2014, 2:19 pm

        @Rational Zionist

        Slave owners had a rationale for slavery. Southern states had a rationale for segregation. Afrikaners had a rationale for apartheid. What’s your rationale for Zionism?

    • michelle on July 21, 2014, 4:31 pm

      it would be quiet disarming if Israel
      would free the Palestinian people
      and employ equality among all people
      why is anyone anti- Hamas
      Hamas are the only defenders of the
      human rights of the Palestinian people
      the Hamas are putting their own lives
      on the line in this effort to defend
      this latest world recognized conflict
      was generated by Israel
      because i love every and all
      i seek and side with Truth
      G-d Bless

  10. eljay on July 21, 2014, 1:01 pm

    >> R.Z.: I am pro-Israel. But that does not mean that I am anti-Palestinian.

    But because you are a Zionist, it does mean that you value Jewish supremacism in a supremacist “Jewish State” of (Greater) Israel above the universal application of justice, accountability and equality.

    >> Can anyone dis-arm Gaza?

    More importantly, can anyone get Israel to:
    – halt its 60+ years, ON-GOING and offensive (i.e., not defensive) campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction, torture and murder;
    – withdraw to within its / Partition borders;
    – honour its obligations under international law;
    – accept responsiblity and accountability for its past and ON-GOING (war) crimes; and
    -enter into sincere negotiations for a just and mutually-beneficial peace?

  11. Kay24 on July 21, 2014, 1:02 pm

    Breaking on CNN wolfie says 7 more Israeli soldiers killed as announced by Israel, bringing the total to 25.
    It seems the lopsided war goes on. The massacre of civilians goes unabated.

    • seafoid on July 21, 2014, 2:20 pm

      That is a lot of IDF hits in 24 hours.
      Added to the economic cost, I wonder if it might be the beginning of the end for netanyahu. Yossi Israeli is not fond of quagmires.

  12. just on July 21, 2014, 1:14 pm

    A truly brilliant piece up with lots o’ links to truth:

    “In a hospital. At the beach. Hamas, Israel tells us, is hiding among civilians”

  13. James Canning on July 21, 2014, 3:58 pm

    CNN is unlikely to inform its viewers that Israel once again is slaughtering large numbers of civilians in Gaza.

  14. michelle on July 21, 2014, 4:43 pm

    from what i have seen and heard the bbc
    is no better at reporting the truth to the people
    prob. the same in other countries as well
    which would go a long way toward understanding
    the discord found about and among the
    misrepresented people throughout the world
    past time to remove the blinders people
    and be who we say/think we are
    G-d Bless

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