Dr. Kristol’s curriculum: US ‘special responsibilities’ include ‘ancient longings’ of Jewish nationalists

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Bill Kristol, at Rightweb
Bill Kristol, at Rightweb

“The Case for Nationalism” is a four-day course in Jerusalem this December, “led by Dr. William Kristol,” says the neoconservative Hertog Foundation. Kristol is a gritty practitioner of the Washington arts; but his course has a soulful theme:

“Are deeply felt national histories so easy to forget, and is it really desirable that they be forgotten?”

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In Hertog’s course description, Dr. Kristol lays out his aggressive neoconservative view of the world order. First, he mocks liberals as Jetsons for not believing in the nation-state, but believing in amorphous human rights:

In Europe, we see the dominant moral and political idea of our age—“human rights”—in its most advanced form. All persons everywhere are entitled to equal dignity and equal protections… Human rights cannot be secured by nations, and excessive national pride is a threat to the new ideal of the free, sovereign, cosmopolitan individual. The nation must be overcome and replaced by a centralized governing body that is large enough to protect global citizens from global threats…

Dr. Kristol is sure to tell his pupils that the U.S. should invade countries and attack them to preserve order. Isn’t that what he means by “special responsibilities”?

In America, we see the ideals of universal liberty and natural rights combined with a belief in the exceptional character and special responsibilities of the American nation. Does American power serve the interests of world order? Do Americans believe in their own exceptionalism, or do they seek to become a nation among the nations?

Dr. Kristol rounds on his central subject: Israel versus the EU.

The question of nationalism takes on special significance for citizens of Israel, the world’s only Jewish State. Zionism is a form of nationalism, and the founding of Israel represents the culmination of ancient longings for the rebirth of Jewish sovereignty in the Jewish homeland. But it was also founded in partial response to World War II and the Shoah it perpetrated on European Jewry. If the intellectual architects of the European Union believe that the national form causes violence and stands in the way of a more harmonious world, the intellectual architects of the State of Israel believed the opposite—that only a state dedicated to the protection of the Jewish people will ensure their welfare and prosperity.

That’s unreconstructed Zionism, without a Palestinian in sight.

And do you have any question why the neoconservatives pushed the Iraq war to remake the Middle East? It was one of the U.S.’s “special responsibilities.”

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when Brooklyn rolled into Germany, [ Irving ] Kristol’s generation : “My wartime experience in Germany,” he recalled, had “the effect of dispelling any remnants of antiauthority sentiments … that were cluttering up my mind. My fellow soldiers were too easily inclined to loot, to rape, and to shoot prisoners… Read more »

Making Israel a reason for the Iraq war is one bridge the Neocons do not want erected. Israel-first Neoconservatives are very sensitive and have a heightened sensibility for the scent of anti-semitism or that other favorite of theirs “self hating jew”. “Unreconstructed Zionism without a Palestinian in sight” describes their… Read more »

Perhaps the primary purpose of the idiotic and illegal US invasion of Iraq in 2003 was to “protect” Israel. Meaning, facilitate expansion of illegal settlements in West Bank.

William Kristol is quite prepared to see the US squander trillions of dollars on weapons and wars etc in the Middle East, to “protect” Israel. Meaning, facilitate illegal colonisation programme in the West Bank.


So Jews are horny and the US needs to get them off?