10,000 march on Qalandia in solidarity with Gaza

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Raw AP footage from tonight at Qalandia checkpoint and a West Bank hospital, posted by PBS News Hours. The caption:

10,000 marched in the West Bank city of Ramallah late Thursday to protest the IDF incursion into Gaza. Two Palestinians were reported killed in the exchange of firebombs, tear gas and gunfire with Israeli police at a checkpoint.

There are also protests in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Joseph Dana:

Given severe PA repression of protest against Israel, the sheer size of the protest tonight at Qalandia is significant.

Writes Omar Daraghmeh:

More demonstrations are expected tomorrow, the last Friday of Ramadan. The Palestinian Authority has called for a “Day of Rage”.

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give me liberty or give me death

I am with you Palestine. Viva Palestine!

For everything that you brave, beautiful and patient people have suffered, I beg your forgiveness.

The US may never, ever occupy any ‘moral high ground’ ever again after supporting and enabling genocide of any humans– and not of such an amazing people as the Palestinians.

Changing US media coverage…quite an extraordinary article in the Baltimore Sun…predicted now for some years by Baltimore’s son…(Phil Weiss).

Gripping, heartrending Gaza images lead to shift in PR war,0,7080252.story

International Criminal Court and the Israeli government The International Criminal Court is a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. The United Nations Security Council can refer cases to the Court. It is to be hoped that human rights lawyers in every EU member state will press their governments to demand that the UNSC issue indictments against any Israeli government minister travelling in future… Read more »

The Israelis have accomplished what they had sought to destroy, Palestinian unity. The oppressed either side of the green line are learning they don’t need the US, fellow Arabs or the world to liberate them, they merely need themselves. HAMAS, by refusing to go quietly into the night, like a Palestinian David against an Israeli Goliath is indeed a turning point in the I/P conflict.