‘Jews Against Genocide’ hold memorials for killed Palestinian children in front of Israeli govt buildings around the world

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'Jews Against Genocide' protest outside the Knesset in Israel.
“Jews Against Genocide” protest outside the Knesset in Israel.

Jews Against Genocide (JAG) held a memorial service in front of the Knesset for Palestinian children killed by Israel in its current attack on Gaza. A pile of bloody dolls was placed at the Israeli Parliament and at other locations around the world. In addition to Jerusalem, memorials were held at the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, in front of the Israeli Consulates and embassies in Madrid, San Francisco, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Other memorials will be held in different locations around the world in the coming days. JAG set aflame to the pile of dolls covered in red paint at Yad Vashem, Israel’s holocaust memorial museum, on July 12th.

"Jews Against Genocide" protest in Copenhagen.
“Jews Against Genocide” protest in Copenhagen.

JAG spokesperson Miko Peled, an Israeli writer, human rights activist, and author of “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”:

“At least 39 children have been killed, and the number continues to rise. I call on people of conscience around the world to support the Palestinian struggle and unite to call for an end to the apartheid regime in Palestine”

JAG Member Ilan Pappe author of “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” Professor at the College of Social Sciences and International Studies in the United Kingdom, director of the university’s European Centre for Palestine Studies, and co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies;

“Cessation of the incremental genocide in Gaza and the restitution of the basic human and civil rights of Palestinians wherever they are, including the right of return, is the only way to open a new vista for a productive international intervention in the Middle East as a whole.”

"Jews Against Genocide" protest in Madrid.
“Jews Against Genocide” protest in Madrid.

JAG member, Nurit Peled-Elhanan, a professor at Hebrew University, the co-initiator of the Russel Tribunal on Palestine, and a Laureate of the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Human Rights :

“The international community has not done enough to stop the Israeli regime of occupation… As a result, Israel does not pay any price for seriously violating international law and human values… We, the citizens of Israel and the stateless people of Palestine, cannot bring about the end of the occupation or stop the bloodbath by ourselves… We need you to prosecute the Israeli government and army, we need you to boycott Israeli economy and culture, we need you to urge your government to stop profiting from the occupation…”

"Jews Against Genocide" protest in Madrid.
“Jews Against Genocide” protest in Madrid.
Protest in Stockholm.
Protest in Stockholm.
San Francisco
San Francisco
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Great work JAG. This will bring world attention to the genocide going on right now, under the watchful but indifferent eyes of the world. With every passing hour, I get more and more disappointed with the attitude of my representatives and those we have elected. Children are being slaughtered, and yet from Obama to the lame congress, the keep insisting Israel has a right to defend itself. Who defends vulnerable and traumatized babies in Gaza?… Read more »

We need a group called Jews against Jewish money. Adelson buys Congress.That’s the political cover for the atrocities. Palestinians are killed because there is nobody in DC with the guts to stand up to the money. In the old days in old poland the rabbi would ask “is this good for the Jews”. Because he is nominally jewish and very rich nobody asks “is adelson’s money good for the jews” . And a small boy… Read more »

US Jews furious over ‘Washington Post’ cartoon showing Netanyahu punching Palestinian infant

Funny nutinyahoo staring at hamas and punching a baby

It’s pure thuggery. The EU, Israel, US and Egypt are pressurising hamas to agree to a ceasefire. They won’t do anything to lift the siege, or release the prisoners. Gaza has suffered enough already.

the degree of anger an Israeli expresses towards Palestinians (or anyone towards their victims) is in proportion to the amount of shame s/he is suppressing.