Three dissident Jewish orgs to hold silent vigil during 50 Jewish orgs’ memorial to Israeli dead

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Jews Say No, from the last  Israeli massacre in Gaza
Jews Say No demo, from the last Israeli massacre in Gaza, 2009

Just got this in the inbox. The vigil is tomorrow August 12, from 6-7 PM, at the Jewish Community Center building at 75th and Amsterdam.



Shamefully, “over 50 Israeli-associated New York organizations” will be gathering then at the JCC on the UWS of Manhattan to “commemorate Israeli soldiers and civilians who lost their lives during ‘Operation Protective Edge,”‘ the bombing campaign of Gaza, without one mention of Palestinian lives lost.

We are appalled at this blatant valuing of Jewish and Jewish Israeli lives over the nearly 2,000 Palestinians, including hundreds of children, who have been massacred by the Israeli army. To express our opposition to a perverse ethic that values only Jewish lives and ignores Israeli war crimes, the siege of Gaza, and an ongoing brutal occupation, please join us in a silent vigil across from the JCC.


We want to create a silent presence that says loudly and clearly, with our signs and banners and names of Palestinian dead, that many Jews and others on New York’s upper west side stand in solidarity with our Palestinian sisters and brothers and staunchly oppose a politics of ‘Israel right or wrong.’

co-sponsored by: Jewish Voice for Peace-NYC, Jewish Voice for Peace–Westchester, Jews Say No!, Women in Black-NY

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Very True, “what Jewish Law Permits killings of so many people” What is deeply appalling is Zionist hide behind Judaism and the Jewish name when the two are a completely different beliefs. Zionism was created by a delusional man who did not even believe in God, 117 years ago. Where… Read more »

For the Israeli Left , religious freedom is the answer to Gaza. The kind of religious freedom which outlaws Islamic political movements, but not Jewish ones, because, after all, even if they are arguably ‘people’, they are not like ‘us’. They rejoice in their own dead children; they are aliens,… Read more »

‘Zionism was created by a delusional man” obviously refers to Herzl. Leaving aside the question of delusion, though Herzl’s contribution should not be underestimated, neither should he be credited with creating Zionism. Zionism existed before him. True, as a movement if herzl had never been born, it would probably have… Read more »

Yet another “Jewish debate”, public relations and implicit accusations of anti-semitism for the gentiles. Take these people seriously when they lead a public movement against the Jewish establishment.

“Take these people seriously when they lead a public movement against the Jewish establishment.”

You mean other than the public movement they are leading by standing in public against the Jewish establishment which is meeting as the official Jewish establishment detailed above?