Obama reported to be looking into settler attack on State Dep’t officials, even as NYT buries the story

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We have a thorough account of Friday’s attack by Jewish settlers on a US State Department convoy visiting a village in the West Bank; but in its print edition, the newspaper of record, the New York Times, acted like it’s a nothing story.

The matter rated six informative tweets Friday from Matt Lee, AP’s State Department correspondent, on twitter, saying that it was of deep concern to State and the Israelis are also investigating the incident and will arrest perpetrators. Lee:

.@StateDept official: #US staff were in #WestBank “looking into reports settlers had uprooted some 5,000 olive tree saplings” when attacked.

At +972, “Settlers attack US convoy…”, it’s reported that the U.S. president is looking into it–

According to Ynet, American security personnel drew their M16 rifles as settlers approached the convoy. The State Department later denied that guns were drawn. No one was injured in the confrontation…

The diplomats arrived in the area after Palestinians who live in village of Turmus Aya and have U.S. citizenship asked them to look at the damage caused to their trees…

American sources say that the president is currently looking into the incident.

On its website, the New York Times picked up the thorough AP story describing the “attack” in its headline. It credited Matt Lee, who had used the word “pelted” in a tweet: @statedept official: US diplomatic vehicle pelted w/stones by”armed settlers” in #WestBank. “We are deeply concerned by this incident.” But in the print version of the New York Times yesterday, the story rated one paragraph on page A6, and it was not an attack: “West Bank: Settlers Throw Stones at American Consular Officials.”

Jewish settlers threw stones at American consular officials on Friday during a visit the officials made to the West Bank as part of an investigation into claims of damage to Palestinian agricultural property, the Israeli police and Palestinian witnesses said. A police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld, said the settlers threw rocks at the officials who had traveled to the area near the Jewish settlement of Adi Ad to look into Palestinian claims that settlers had uprooted scores of Palestinian olive trees the day before. He said that the Americans left the area and that the police had opened an inquiry after the filing of an official complaint. The State Department said it was “deeply concerned” by the attack.

Of course when the Palestinians go to the U.N. to seek their rights, it’s described as a “provocative” act by the New York Times in news coverage and an editorial. But the US government visiting settlements is also evidently “provocative,” in the Israeli worldview, otherwise the settlers wouldn’t be throwing stones; and the Times doesn’t cover that very much at all. “Seems a bit world turned upside down,” says a friend.

Writes one of the acid commenters on Matt Lee’s posts: “seems US is about to apologize for being attacked by the squatters.”

I can’t help but think of the attack on the USS Liberty: in 1967 Israeli warplanes and gunboats shot up an American spy ship in the Mediterranean off Egypt, killing 34 Americans. Of course the scale and nature of the attacks are utterly different. But they were both attacks. Back then the matter was swept under the rug with the complicity of the leading media, and the families of the victims have had to look to Al Jazeera to keep the story alive, with a recent documentary, The Day Israel Attacked America. Somehow I think this story will work out differently.

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the sad part of the story is that the zionist behavior is made possible, allowed, and supported by the usa. obama was the main cheerleader of this arrogant attitude of the zionists always declaring that “our support for israel is unshakeable”. talk bout giving a carte blanche. after pa filed for icc, obama said there will be consequences to the pa. essentially blackmail. this gave yet another green light to the zionists to stop the… Read more »

The prestige and power of this once great country has been sacrificed at the alter of Israel. No one in the world has any respect for the U.S. anymore and it can be directly traced to the disrespect from Israel. Obama lost any hope of global leadership when he let Netanyahu bitch slap him over and over in public

PS if anyone thinks anything will come of this, just ask the survivors of The Liberty

time for obama and the west to realize that the zionist entity has become a JINGOIST. rivlin and burg already realize it. rivlin – burg – oxford “extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy” merriam-wesbter “the feelings and beliefs of people who think that their country is always right and who are in favor of aggressive acts against other countries. extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a… Read more »

RE: “I can’t help but think of the attack on the USS Liberty: in 1967 Israeli warplanes and gunboats shot up an American spy ship in the Mediterranean off Egypt, killing 34 Americans.” ~ Weiss

OBAMA SAYS: “Never look back!”
“Never look back!”
“Selling your soul!”
“Selling your soul!”
M-A-B-U-S-E ! ! !