Warren supporters can’t talk about Palestine

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“Run Liz Run,” by Reeves Wiedeman in The New Yorker, reports on a New York party with a lot of celebrities pushing Elizabeth Warren to get in. Presumably a lot of these folks oppose Hillary Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy. But.

A hundred and fifty people mingled in [Julie] Pacino’s loft, listening to speeches from Warren supporters. After one audience member posed a question about Warren’s stance on Palestine, the organizers decided that there had been enough dialogue, turned on the music, and told everyone to dance.

You may remember that Elizabeth Warren herself ran away from the Gaza question last summer. Good luck maintaining this policy. US progressives are reaching consensus.

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Warren has taken on the banks, that slice of the oligarchy which rules America which I call BIG-BANKS. Can she also be asked to take on (assuming she even understands the issues) the Palestine question (sometimes with some justification aka the Jewish problem)? People who read Mondoweiss year after year… Read more »

All the progressive artists in a Grand Street loft with their eyes wide shut.

Credit to the person who asked the question.

She is either caving to supporters who want to hide in the shadows or holds her own opinion which she is unwilling to expand upon in public.

Either way, her subterfuge can only be seen as a disturbing harbinger of her governance.

What else are you hiding from us Elizabeth?

We now know that Obama fudged on gay marriage as a candidate. The movement continued to gather strength and then Obama did the right thing as President. He didn’t do the right thing however on Israel/Palestine. But I can’t envision Warren doing what Obama did, standing up at the UN… Read more »

Maybe I’m just a “the glass is half full” kind of gal but I take comfort in their “just turn up the music and dance!” efforts. The fact that they seek to ignore the issue shows that they know they do not have a decent argument to put forth. It… Read more »