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January 2016

Israeli military seals Palestinian town following fatal stabbing attack in West Bank settlement

Kate on

On Tuesday, a 24-year old Israeli woman died of wounds sustained Monday morning when she was stabbed at Horon settlement. The attack was carried out by Ibrahim Osama Yousif Allan, 23 from the village of Beit ‘Ur at-Tahta west of Ramallah and Hussein Muhammad Abu Ghush, 17, from the Qalandiya refugee camp north of Jerusalem. In response, Israeli military forces have sealed all entrances and exits to Beit Ur at-Tahta which prevents movement for the around 6,000 Palestinian residents of the village.

Among the settlers

Philip Weiss on

Israeli settlers on the West Bank tell Phil Weiss they are continuing the work of redeeming the land for Jews that early Zionists began when they expelled Palestinians in 1948, and that in the last year even the Tel Aviv establishment has come to recognize that there will never be a Palestinian state. Weiss reports from five days he spent undercover in Israeli settlements using the Airbnb service.

The world the settlers made

Philip Weiss on

Read part two of Phil Weiss’s undercover report from the Israeli settlements. Israeli society broadly has turned its back on the idea of a Palestinian state and supports the colonization of East Jerusalem and the West Bank. There is now one state because that is what Israeli Jews want, but the American media won’t tell us that.

‘Why do they hate us?’ — Israeli version

Jonathan Ofir on

Israelis’ angry response to Swedish FM Margot Wallstrom demonstrates primal Israeli fears of enemies. Israelis justify extrajudicial executions of Palestinian assailants because others’ irrational, primitive hatred is a pretext for Zionism. No matter that Palestinians live under occupation, and the world notices.

Netanyahu taps Internet freedom activist known for pranking Iranian officials as new spokesperson

Alex Kane on

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly have a new English-language spokesperson in March: David Keyes, who has made a name for himself as an Internet freedom advocate. Keyes is the executive director of a group called Advancing Human Rights, and runs, a database of Internet dissidents. Now Keyes, who has long-standing ties to the Israeli elite, is going to work for a man whose security forces have locked up dozens of Palestinian activists for social media posts in recent years.

Michael Bloomberg has been a fervent supporter of Israel, to a point

Philip Weiss on

Former NY mayor Bloomberg, who is considering throwing his hat in the presidential race, has sided with Israel in its assaults on Gaza and aided Islamophobic efforts in New York; but he also said those who don’t want to allow a BDS panel at Brooklyn College should go live in North Korea.

Israeli mayors initiate boycott of Sweden over foreign minister’s criticism

Jonathan Ofir on

Following Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström’s remarks about “Israel executing Palestinians without trial”, 15 Israeli mayors who were planning to fly to Sweden have decided to change their destination, even as Israel’s former foreign minister calls on Israelis to boycott Ikea.

Kerry and Shapiro bring the one-state news the NYT failed to deliver

Philip Weiss on

The New York Times Jerusalem bureau chiefs Ethan Bronner and Jodi Rudoren failed to convey a true grim picture of one-state Israel/Palestine out of Zionist attachment. Similar adherences have kept the US mainstream press from telling a truth that John Kerry and US ambassador Daniel Shapiro have conveyed in recent weeks.

13-year-old Palestinian girl shot dead at gate of settlement

Kate on

Ruqayya Eid Abu Eid, 13, was reportedly killed by Israeli gunfire outside the illegal West Bank settlement of Anatot after she allegedly tried to stab a security guard. The Palestinian girl lived in a village neighboring the colony.

Clinton baits Sanders over ‘destruction of Israel’

Philip Weiss on

The Israel question has become an explicit issue in the Democratic battle between Clinton and Sanders, with a Clinton aide saying that Sanders’s idea to normalize Iran is naive about a country that “seeks the destruction of Israel.”

Palestinians in Hebron demand Israel return bodies of family members killed by the IDF

Sabrina Tucci on

On the evening of January 1st Israeli authorities returned the bodies of 14 Palestinians from Hebron city who were killed while suspected of carrying out attacks on Israelis during the wave of tension which had started in October 2005. These 14 bodies were buried the following day, but others are yet to be returned to their families. “They have no right to keep our children, we want them back now”, the father of one of the young men killed says.

Video: Children of the Camp

Sheren Khalel and Abed Al Qaisi on

Filmmakers Sheren Khalel and Abed al Qaisi wanted to know exactly how much the children who live in Bethlehem’s Aida and Beit Jibrin refugee camps understood about the military occupation going on around them, and how normal they believed their lives were. With their parents permission, Khalel and al Qaisi asked five children from the streets of the two camps what they thought. All of the answers were spontaneous and unrehearsed, and as it turned out, the kids understood — and have experienced — quite a lot.

‘People will die’: A report from the Grande-Synthe refugee camp

Katherine Schwartz on

“We live like dogs,” says a Kurdish resident of Grande-Synthe, a burgeoning refugee camp located in an industrial suburb of Dunkerque, France. As the refugee crisis continues to swell across Europe, Grande-Synthe stands as an example of the most perilous living conditions in modern Western society.

Activists deliver petition demanding Securities and Exchange Commission enforce disclosure laws regarding Israel bonds

Sylvia Schwarz on

On January 19 a coalition activist groups delivered a petition with more than 6,400 signatures to the Securities and Exchange Commission demanding that the agency enforce its disclosure rules by taking action against the Development Corporation for Israel, the corporation which sells Israel Bonds in the United States, for failing to disclose in its sales materials that proceeds from the sale of Israel Bonds are used by Israel to violate international law.