Last week Roger Waters performed in Munich following a campaign to cancel his concert backed by the city’s mayor, Dieter Reiter, who accused Waters of anti-Semitism. Waters punched back from the stage at Munich’s Olympic Hall: “I believe all people, all of us, all of our brothers and sisters, all of our fragile globe, whatever their ethnicity or religion or nationality deserve the same basic human rights under the law.”

Yesterday, Israeli police recommended indicting Benjamin Netanyahu in two separate corruption investigations that have been dogging the Prime Minister for years. Last February, Jonathan Cook wrote for Mondoweiss that the scandals “shine a rare light on the corrupt nexus between Israel’s business, political and media worlds, compounded by the perverse influence of overseas Jewish money.”

Virtually the entire establishment has lined up behind him, Obama aides are quietly cheering, Anne-Marie Slaughter finally got what she wanted, Brian Williams found the images of war “beautiful,” and the few Democrats who have challenged Trump, notably Chris Murphy of Connecticut, are hedging by the second, under the glare of Chris Matthews.

The world is taking a dim view of Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest effort to justify the erasure of Palestine with a false video narrative about the “ethnic cleansing” of Jews from illegal West Bank settlements.