Trump makes war, and everyone swoons

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There’s nothing like firing 59 million-dollar missiles at a foreign country to make the U.S. foreign policy elites swoon. That’s the message of Trump’s “beautiful babies” strike on Syria Thursday. Virtually the entire establishment has lined up behind him, Obama aides are quietly cheering, Anne-Marie Slaughter finally got what she wanted, Brian Williams found the images of war “beautiful,” and the few Democrats who have challenged Trump, notably Chris Murphy of Connecticut, are hedging by the second, under the glare of Chris Matthews. Where is the antiwar bloc? In disarray as usual. So let us be thankful for Rachel Maddow and Glenn Greenwald.  

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Javanka whispered in his two ears, flashed a few photos. Back on the PNAC bandwagon. And, yes, cable TV is swooning, except for (gulp) Rachel Maddow.


Great cartoon and summary, Carlos.

“Swoon” is exactly what all the pundits were doing. They still appear to be in full- blown salivating raptures.


Apparently it takes flagrantly violating the US Constitution as well as international law to be considered the leader of the free world.


Now that Trump has put the CIA/Soros/MoveOn fears to rest, I guess we won’t be seeing any large anti-Trump demonstrations for awhile. Unless, of course, he flip-flops again and dials down the militarism proving that he is Putin’s puppet. Face it, we are a national security state. Peace is bad… Read more »


Gideon Levy: “America the Liberator … A star is born: U.S. President Donald Trump. One missile strike and the man the whole world feared became its great hope overnight. Yesterday’s Satan is tomorrow’s God. From German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Israel’s own Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes, and of course, Yair Lapid,… Read more »