Barriers to love in Israel and Palestine

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From the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU):

Happy Valentines Day!

The Institute for Middle East Understanding in collaboration with Love Under Apartheid has released a new Infographic highlighting the restrictions and barriers faced by Palestinians because of Israel’s ID system. 

Israel’s apartheid policies are creating barriers to love. Palestinians are divided into ID categories and limited in where they can live and travel, and by extension, limited in whom they can love.

Love Under Apartheid and IMEU also released a new video “Palestinians Daring to Love” highlighting four married couples struggling to maintain love and family relationships despite the restrictions imposed by Israel’s policies that systematically discriminate and segregate Palestinians.

“I never dreamed I would leave my country, but I also never dreamed I would be separated from the person I love.”

Jewish Voice for Peace comments:

Complicated dating app needed for Israel/Palestine.

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A small caveat. Interreligious marriage can be performed in Israel, since certain religions admit it. Thus, the tolerant Catholic Church marries a Catholic with whomever they choose, provided that the couple is heterosexual; the non-Catholic partner is not required to relinquish their religion. The less tolerant Islamic faith allows intermarriage… Read more »

One caveat about marrying in Catholic Church: the non-catholic partner must agree that the children will be raised in catholic faith. Going back to Gaza: the whole idea is to separate Gaza population from the rest of the Palestinian population, and to weaken the solidarity and unity of Palestinians. One… Read more »

More proof that Israel has apartheid policies, one for God’s chosen, and another for the Goyim.

All this, and our stupid members of Congress still pretend Israel is the beacon of shining light in the Middle East, and keep supporting it. The power of shekels and devious lobbies.

I hear that Israel isn’t quite as bad as Saudi Arabia, Mali and African “hell-holes”.

One other caveat. Even a Jewish citizen of Israel is not allowed to live in Israel with a Palestinian spouse from the West Bank or Gaza. Both Neta Golan and Allegra Pacheco (both Jewish Israelis) are prohibited from living in Israel with their Palestinian spouses, and so they live with… Read more »