Maryland coalition defeats anti-BDS bill in State Assembly

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The following press release was issued by the Freedom2Boycott in Maryland coalition:

The Freedom2Boycott in Maryland coalition won a significant victory when the 2016 Maryland legislative session ended April 11 with no anti-boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) bill being introduced into the General Assembly.

Before the commencement of the legislative session, the Baltimore Jewish Council — a leading opponent of BDS — identified anti-BDS legislation as “its major policy issue”. However, due to intense opposition from the public and state legislators, this plan was abandoned and no bill was even introduced.

Freedom2Boycott in Maryland Chairwoman Alison Glick said, “Our success shows that Americans understand that an attack on BDS, a nonviolent movement calling for protecting Palestinian human rights and upholding international law, is also an attack on one of the most treasured rights that we have – the right to free speech.”

Former Maryland Delegate and Freedom2Boycott Communications head Saqib Ali commented, “We will remain vigilant and be prepared to fight for free speech and Palestinian human rights in future state legislative sessions. There are signs that Americans are increasingly concerned about the Israeli occupation. This issue has even become a flashpoint in recent presidential debates.”

Freedom2Boycott in Maryland is a coalition of groups and individuals advocating for free speech rights in the State of Maryland in support of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) that promote social justice in Israel/Palestine.

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This is good news. It is becoming clear that the push for anti-BDS laws can work in favor of the pro-Palestinian movement when the push for such laws are clearly (and truthfully) represented as a threat to the free speech of every American.

…and everybody, everywhere else as well!

Never forget that Martin Luther King Jr first came to national attention when he led the Montgomery (Alabama) bus boycott, mobilizing mostly poor southern blacks against segregation in the public bus system. Naturally, supporters of Jim Crow accused King of “refusing to recognize Alabama’s right to exist as a white… Read more »