‘NYT’ runs Israeli’s op-ed recommending that Palestinians ’emigrate voluntarily’

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In the last few days The New York Times has run several opinion pieces from the Israeli or American Zionist point of view. We’ve seen none from Palestinians. Last Wednesday was a low point. Right alongside Tom Friedman urging Donald Trump to “save the Jews” from division over Israel, the Times ran a piece called, “A Settler’s View of Israel’s Future,” by Yishai Fleisher, international spokesperson for the illegal settler community in Hebron.

The very-Jewish-centric New York Times last Wednesday

The article included a bible lecture about why the two-state solution was dead: “Judea and Samaria belong to the Jewish people. Our right to this land is derived from our history, religion, international decisions and defensive wars.”

But as for the fundamental question — what are you going to do about all the Palestinians? — Fleisher offered five ideas, all from Israeli Jews.

1. “Jordan is Palestine.” Palestinians in the West Bank would be given Jordanian citizenship, with democratic rights there, “but live as expats with civil rights in Israel.”

2. Bantustans. “Arabs living in Areas A and B — the main Palestinian population centers — would have self-rule.”

3. More bantustans. Seven Arab population centers in the West Bank and Gaza would be called “emirates.”

 4. Give them equal rights, but keep an eye on their “birth rates” and encourage “emigration.”

5. Get out of here. “Palestinians in Judea and Samaria would be offered generous compensation to emigrate voluntarily.”

“Emigrate voluntarily”? It is shocking to read these proposals about where to stash Palestinians, offered not by some racist quoted in a news article, but a racist granted a platform on the op-ed page. It is impossible to imagine the New York Times giving such status to supremacist visions about what to do with pesky minority subjects offered by any other overlord in our world.

In stark contrast, the Times letters column ran a letter from Roderick Balfour, a descendant of Arthur Balfour, the British foreign secretary who penned the Balfour Declaration 100 years ago, pointing out that “a central tenet of the declaration has all but been forgotten over the intervening decades: respect for the status of (Arab) Palestinians.”

Balfour noted “The increasing inability of Israel to address this condition,” and concluded that the intentions of his forebear’s declaration would be fulfilled only by “making Jerusalem an internationally protected capital for all three Abrahamic faiths.”

Balfour’s assertion that Israelis can’t address the Palestinian condition is an understatement; and it is borne out by the hideous proposals in Fleisher’s opinion piece. It is a blot on the New York Times, and a sign of the corruption of Zionism, that Roderick Balfour is not granted op-ed space; while ethnic supremacists who take their writ from the bible are.

This piece has been corrected from the original which misspelled Fleisher’s name as Fleshler. 

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Dear so-called “Palestinians”, The geographic region of Palest…errr, I mean, Judea and Samaria does not belong to you, its indigenous population. It belongs to people all over the world who choose to be/come Jewish – that is, to hold or acquire the religion-based identity of Jewish. We have tried over the decades to drive home this point by driving you out of your homes, oppressing you and even murdering you in cold blood; but like… Read more »

Such a revealing article. It’s astounding that it was printed by any newspaper let alone the NYT. I’m not defending the times as it has a pretty bad history of publishing zionist propaganda. This article though is so over the top. I look forward to the times publishing similar articles from the kkk and aryan brotherhood. That said it’s good that published. It generally is really just a summation of ideas being proposed by Israeli… Read more »

The Balfour Declaration and the Zionist Failure to live up to the bargain


Have read the article in full and struggled to hold the contents of my stomach down. The author is quite simply a Fascist with a Fascist attitude to humanity other than his own brand of Menschen humanity. The suggestion of remuneration for giving up your homeland (incidentally also giving up your children and grandchildrens rights to that homeland) is quite simply repugnant and the concept of “paying people off” simply reinforces the “Jews and money… Read more »

hideous proposals in Fleshler’s opinion piece. It is a blot on the New York Times, and a sign of the corruption of Zionism, that Roderick Balfour is not granted op-ed space; while ethnic supremacists who take their writ from the bible Well — Not sure Zionism has been corrupted: it started out as it is. Not shiny but not corrupted. OTOH, NYT used to be a pretty good paper. In the period 1980-1990 I subscribed… Read more »