Don’t use Jewish grief to criminalize defending Palestinian rights, JVP tells Cory Booker

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Last week NJ Senator Cory Booker used the Pittsburgh massacre, the most violent outbreak of anti-Semitism in US history, to justify taking a stance against Palestinian rights. He said that he would sponsor the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, a Senate bill that criminalizes some forms of support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS)– as if the demand for Palestinian rights is an expression of hatred for Jews.

Booker has not yet signed on to the bill, and meantime Jewish Voice for Peace has mounted a campaign against his doing so.

“The Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which we call the Gag Bill, silences Palestinian human rights defenders and has nothing to do with fighting antisemitism,” says Rabbi Joseph Berman, JVP’s Government Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy Manager.
“Our social media campaign launched the same day Senator Booker announced his intention to co-sponsor this unconstitutional bill, and we’ve made hundreds calls and sent thousands of tweets to Senator Booker telling him why this legislation is just so wrong. Senator [Kirsten] Gillibrand withdrew her support for the earlier version of this same bill – and we very  much hope Senator Booker will do the same. Our grief shouldn’t be used to silence defenders of Palestinian human rights!”
Here is a portion of that appeal by Jewish Voice for Peace from last week:

Do not support the Gag Bill
Senator Cory Booker announced this morning that he will support the Gag Bill (aka, the Israel anti-Boycott Act) because of the rise in anti-Semitism. Call and Tweet Senator Booker’s office to tell them loud and clear: Supporting Palestinian rights is not anti-Semitic….

The ACLU says the bill violates the First Amendment (even as amended). Senators shouldn’t be working with Trump to silence advocates of justice for Palestinians. Push back against white supremacists, not human rights supporters. Call his office now, (202) 224-3224, and click below to Tweet directly at Senator Booker.

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Whether it’s the Holocaust, the Paris Hypercacher shootings or the recent murders in Pittsburgh, no Jewish grief is too painful for Zionists to abuse it for their supremacist, colonialist and (war) criminal purposes.

Zionists are truly hateful and immoral people.

@ej If you ended at “abuse it….” I would say it’s a valid statement. But also, every anti-zionist group plus other assorted unaffiliated groups used the Pittsburgh shootings to validate their assorted points. at least until the 12 murders in the California square dance bar. although I agree that Jews in the US are as safe as other groups of minorities that are subject of hate (eg: jihadi murderers= americans, Dylan roof nazis= blacks and… Read more »

“Why are you conflating multicultural USA circa 2018 with blood and soil Germany circa 1932 when the demographics and other relevant factors are radically different? This is Zionist ideology, not empirical reality.” ok, let’s get sth straight about “blood and soil” vs muliculturalism, and some major differences between Europe and the US , esp with regard to the conception of “race” First, the US was clearly founded in opposition to all notions of blood and… Read more »

I should add one more point: Just as the new blood and soil right in Europe loves Israel, so do some Native Americans. You would think they would all identify with the blood and soil Palestinians instead but no: it is the Jews who have SUCCESSFULLY reclaimed their homeland even after 2000 years, and revived their culture and language. Why identify with losers? here is one example And there is, of course, the old… Read more »

Cory Booker is a fool if he thinks his pseudo contrived possibly zionistac stances make my Jewish grandma and I want to vote for him. His reflexive opportunism simply means he can’t be trusted on any issue, much less this issue. Gross. I don’t think he understands what he is doing either, etc. Grandma says no and says this is like saying If your stupid look over here…………………we’d like protection from Israel, not him to… Read more »